Trading standards warn of scam alerts (13 May 2010)

posted 2 Jun 2010, 14:41 by Dawn Grove

Staffs Trading standards have today issued 4 scam alerts, which may be of interest. Briefly as follows:

  • Letters sent by an unregulated will-writing firm, suggesting a rule change means some wills need to be rewritten. Not true.
  • Letters claiming you have won money off tickets for the World Cup to the value of £220. Letter claims a 25% interest charge would be applied. Don't reply!
  • Bogus emails, supposedly from Apple, claiming recipient has received a free $50 iTunes voucher. Email requests user to access a redemption code contained within a zip attachment. The attachment actually contains malware which will compromise your computer security.
  • Another reminder about unsolicited telephone calls, from an India-based company, claiming to represent Microsoft, suggesting there is a problem with your computer. The caller often knows the user's name, giving greater plausibility. We already know residents in the Lichfield area have been caught out by this scam.

Further information can be found by logging on to Staffs trading standards website.

If you need to reply by email click on my address here:

Rob Nunn 
Watch Liaison Officer 
Neighbourhood Watch