Suspicious Incident in Burntwood (20 April 2010)

posted 21 Apr 2010, 15:54 by Dawn Grove
Dear Watch Member,
A resident in Burntwood came home and noticed that there was a silver car parked near to their neighbour's house, when the lady pulled up onto her drive the vehicle drove off at speed. The only description is that is was a silver hatchback.
The 2 males were trying to sell the neighbour who is elderly, a watch and were trying to get £200 from him. The resident is concerned that they may be targeting elderly people in the area.
The males in the car told the gentleman the the driver could not speak English. the passenger had shaved dark hair and both were in their 50's
if these 2 try to sell to you tell them NO and call the police on 999 straight away.
If you need to reply by email click on my address here:
Don Palmer 
Watch Liaison Officer 
Neighbourhood Watch 
Tel: 01785 234654