Village Hall

Harlaston Village Hall has elected the following committee: --
Chairperson    Derek Boss 01827 383375
Vice chairperson    Mary Grice 01827 38363
Secretary    Philippa Wood ....
Treasurer    Peter Timmis ...01827 383665
Bookings   David Jackson .....01827 383001

This page was last updated on 19th May 2017.
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Events and Meetings 

A range of events and meetings are held at the hall.  For further details  you can look at our forthcoming events page

Hire our hall 

A special venue for a special occasion.  Our hall is tastefully maintained, warm and extremely well equipped with a large secure car park as well as facilities for disabled visitors. 

  Parishoners Non-parishoners
 Day Rate £100 £120
 Hourly rate £8.00 £9

For further details see our conditions of hire and booking form.Documents for Download

Please ring David Jackson 01827 383001 for further information. 

The 100 club relaunch took place on Saturday, 19th March in Harlaston Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

Refreshments, and 1 drink from the bar were free.

Some games

Children welcome

Entries cost £10 per number and they are entered in all the draws for 1 year.

Entries can also be obtained from Derek Boss 01827 383375

And the winners were.

Sheila Herring         £10 

Philip Wood             £10

Pat Whitehouse       £10

Gill Chambers         £15

John Lamb             £15

Richard Brown        £15

Bowls Club            £20

Chris Boss             £20

Megan Mc.Cabe    £25

Joan Green            £25

Joanne Rooney     £50

Muriel Brown        £50

Stan Murray          £100


Local groups that meet at the Village Hall