The White Lion

Due to a flood at the Brewery, sadly historically records of the White Lion are not available and therefore the date of origin is unknown.  However, it is known to be quite an old establishment and that in 1851 the Licensee was Sampson Sturgess who was also a bricklayer by trade.  In 1881 the Licensee was John Sudbury. For sometime prior to 1907 a Mr Thompson was Licensee, but in that year the premises were taken over by Alfred Latham. In 1948 his son, Alfred Daniel Latham, took over from him and carried on a Licensee until 1972. In 1972 Mr Latham's daughter and her husband Peter Hogg took over to maintain the family tradition.

In Alfred Latham's time petrol was served from a pump situated opposite on Main Road. 

It is also reported that many years ago there was a tollgate in Main Road, opposite the White Lion and is believed to have been controlled from the brick shed next to the garage (which was on Main Road opposite the White Lion). Presumably this would have been an extra duty for the Licensee.

Previously, the current car park was The Pavilion, a wooden building that was the old village hall, and held many social events.

Today, the White Lion is an excellent pub and restaurant and you can visit their website on