In 1851/52 an East Window was given by Mr Taylor and this appears to have been a plain window, or at least the records do not show it as stained.

In 1852 the above window was apparently removed and replaced with a stained glass window which was given with three obituary windows by Rev R. R. Bloxham, W.D. Webb Esq., and Thos. Flavell, Esq.

Around 1861 two Chancel Windows with four scriptural pieces were given by Mr and Mrs Webb as a thank offering for the birth of Mrs Charles Webb's child.

In 1894 Miss Susan Neville, with the approval of the Church, arranged for the stained glass East Window already mentioned to be moved to north of the Pulpit and for it to be replaced with another stained glass window (subject "The Ascension") in memory of her brother, John Neville, J.P., of Haselour Hall, who died on Ascension Day in 1892, aged 77 years, and of her parents, Thomas and Mary Neville.  This window arouses more than the usual interest because it shows 12 Apostles.

In 2007 a memorial window, for Evan Mercer, was put in in recognition of his 43 years service as Church Warden. The artwork recognises his rural farmers way of life; his dedication to St. Matthew's Church and his love of cricket.