Benefactions or Bequeathments

In 1820 Charles Webb, Esq., by Will dated 7th Day of April, left a sum of £300 in stock, the interest from which was to be distributed at Christmas annually in clothing to the poor inhabitants of Harlaston.

IN 1840 the sum of £15 was deposited in Tamworth Savings Bank, the interest thereon to be appropriated the purchase of Common Prayer and other bound books as rewards for children attending Harlaston Church Sunday school at Christmas yearly for ever.

In 1842 the Rev John Hanbury, M.A. gave the sum of £10 to be invested and the interest arising therefrom appropriated yearly in all respects as the before mentioned £15.

(Details of all the above mentioned are displayed on a wooden plaque handing on the West wall of the Church).

In 1932 a Memorial was set up with £400 left in the Will of Miss E.M.Webb for the maintenance of the Memorials of the Webb family of Harlaston.

Miss E.M. Webb also left in her Will the sum of £100 for the sick and poor of the Parish and for the Sunday School.

Miss E.M. Webb bequeathed the Manor House to the Church in 1932.  It was tenanted until 1969 when it was sold to Major Conningham.

In 1974 Miss. L. A. Fletcher left £150 for the upkeep of her gravestone and the Churchyard.

In 1915 the sum of £20 was received having been left in the Will of Miss Mary Ann Elton for the upkeep of the family vault and graves.

Miss Alice Lee left £10 to be invested, the interest to provide a book annually for the best girl in Harlaston School.

A Sheffield Plate Chalice - a gift from the Rev John Watkins, Rector of Clifton Parish and the Chapelry of Harlaston on 29th August 1818.

A silver Chalice dated 1910 - origin not known.

A silver Paten dated 'Harlaston 1853' - origin not known.

A silver Flagon presented to the Church: "to the Glory of God" and in memory of Henry Neville Oldfield, October 6th 1877 by Miss Oldfield.

Brass Altar Cross with onyx stones, the gift of Mrs L.A. Pritchard, wife of the Rector in 1902.

A Sanctuary Lamp in memory of Sarah Ann Latham given by her husband, Christmas 1941.

A Processional Cross given by the children of Charles and Ann Wilcox on 5th October 1941.

Oak Vestment Chest given in 1974 by Gladys Mercer and Alexander Wylie Mercer in memory of Percy Harold Mercer, who died on 8th November 1972.

Altar Book and Rector's Book in memory of Annie Louise Stretton (nee Hellaby) 1875 - 1957, by her daughters Catherine Nancy Bennion and Florence Joan Stretton in 1958.  A trust was also formed with a gift from them for the upkeep and renewal of the above books.

The Litany Book - a gift from the Mother's Union, Harlaston, in loving memory of Edith Lawson, 13th November 1930.

The Clock was placed in the Tower in 1948 to the treasured memory of Sybil, beloved wife of Percy Harold Mercer, who entered into rest 24th February 1947.

The Churchyard Gates were given in memory of William Barlow Lietch, Rector of the Parish 1941 - 1953 by his Widow, Parishioners and Friends.

The Brass Ewer at the Font was given in loving memory of William Trevor Betts, aged 13 years, who entered into rest 14th August 1940.

The Rector's Desk was given in memory of Merric Maurice Mercer and Elizabeth Harriet Mercer, his wife, by their children, Christmas 1928.

The Altar was given in memory of Edith Lawson.

The Litany Desk was given anonymously in 1929.

The Communion Table was given by Jane Lees "In memory of 1907".