Harlaston Mill

 Harlaston Mill on the River Mease.

The Doomsday Book records a Mill being in existence in Harlaston and it seem reasonable to believe that one has existed ever since the 11th century and probably on the same site as the present Mill. It had clearly been bought up to date throughout the years.

The present Mill, which is dilapidated state bears a stone for the year 1772 and was presumably built that year. Records are available which show that it was owned by John Barker and was sold by him in that  year to John Harris for £708. At that time it was recorded as consisting of a residence, a water corn mill, mill pool and streams of water, flood gates, land adjacent and opposite known as Barn Close, buildings and 9 acres, 3 roods, 13 perches of land.

The records trace its ownership continuously up to 1988. William Alcock was the last owner to use it as a working Mill, which he did until he sold it to J A Sanders in 1935.

The area surrounding the Mill is subject to flooding and no doubt has always been.  In fact it was recalled that Bob Stevenson, the owner between 1907 - 1922 took his pigs upstairs in the floods.

         The Alcock Family
Residents of the Mill, Harlaston