Harlaston Shop is now open but will not be carrying out Post Office services






There will be a service of Holy Communion at St. Matthew's Church Harlaston

on Sunday 25th July at 8.45 am

The next Service at Harlaston will be a Service of Family Communion

on Sunday 15th August at 10.15 am

Social Distancing will be observed and masks can be worn

The Church will not be open on weekdays for the next few weeks due to major work on the Tower


If you would like to have the Church floodlit in remembrance of someone 

then please contact Mary Tiso on 01827 383308


Harlaston Village Hall

The Hall is now available for bookings contact David Jackson

01827 383001

or email dcjcmj@btinternet.com


Harlaston shop is not open, so will not be carrying out Post Office Services


Harlaston Indoor Bowls Club season has ended and will resume in October.

Boogie Bounce has ended until further notice

Yoga has ended until further notice

W.I. meetings may commence on Monday 12th July depending on government guidelines


Between Haunton and Harlaston

Haunton Manor Solar Park


This document provides information related to a planning application for a solar farm on

agricultural land to the south of Haunton and Harlaston villages.

The website will act as a point of information and contact throughout the application process.

Updates on the progress of the application will be published on this page and relevant

documentation will also be made available.

Interested parties are invited to engage throughout the process and comments can be

submitted to the applicant via planning@hauntonsolar.com

Due to the impacts of Covid 19 it is not currently feasible to undertake face to face public

engagements. Therefore the website will provide a platform for public consultation, providing

information for all interested parties to consider.

Questions and feedback can be provided via the above contact details and the website will

remain operational throughout the planning process

The Proposal

The proposed solar farm seeks to provide green energy for over 15,000 homes and save

over 21,500 tonnes of CO2 per annum. It will diversify the landowner’s income of four local

landowners and help to secure the long term viability of their wider farming enterprises.

The project would use the remaining capacity available on the 132kV overhead line between

Lea Marston and Drakelow and there is limited additional capacity available in this area.

The site is located on agricultural land set back from the surrounding road network. The land

is of low agricultural value and the scheme would provide an enhancement to the

biodiversity of the area.

Under the proposals the site could be grazed in order to maintain some agricultural use of

the land. The plans have been carefully prepared, taking account of important ecological

features and the visual impact of the scheme.

Why this site?

The process of selecting a site for solar farm development is based upon a detailed desktop

analysis to identify sites in proximity to available grid capacity and a suitable grid connection


When focusing in on an area we potential sites are then selected based on the lowest impact

on landscape and other visual receptors, the quality of the agricultural land, potential impacts

on heritage assets, and impacts on local ecology.

For this particular project, the applicant has avoided land directly below the overhead lines

as it would have had a greater impact on either the landscape, visual receptors or nearby

heritage assets. Despite not being directly below these lines (and resulting in a more

expensive grid connection), the proposed site area represents the most appropriate overall

as it has minimal impact on the core assessment criteria.

The site boundary has also avoided fields immediately adjacent to the nearby villages and

an area where two footpaths cross one another. The site is very well screened and there is

minimal visual impact on the villages of Harlaston and Haunton.

Key Interesting Facts

Solar Farms

Generate electricity locally and feed into the local electricity grid using a free source of

energy (the sun) to generate electricity on bright cloudy days as well as in direct sunlight.

For every 5MW installed, a solar farm will power over 1,500 homes annually (based on an

average annual consumption of 3,300 kWh of electricity for a house) and save 2,150 tonnes

of CO2. Approximately 25 acres of land is required for every 5 megawatts (MW) of


They represent time-limited, reversible land use and provide an increased, diversified and

stable source of income for landowners.

They may have dual purpose usage with sheep or other animals grazing between rows, and

can help to support biodiversity by allowing small animals access to otherwise fenced-off

land, with bird and insect fodder plants and wildflowers sown around the modules.

If 10,000MW of solar was installed on the ground, it would only use 0.1% of UK agricultural

land area, whilst being able to generate enough electricity for over 3 million homes.

There are no moving parts, and maintenance is minimal compared to other technologies.

There is no by-product or waste generated, except during manufacturing or dismantling.

They have lower visual and environmental impacts than other forms of power generation.

Renewables give consumers the choice of buying green electricity and reduce reliance on

fossil fuels.

Contact Details Email planning@hauntonsolar.com


Savills (UK) LTD

Ref: Haunton Manor Solar Park

Kingston House, Blackbrook Business Park

Taunton,  Somerset  TA1 2PX

Comments relating to this proposal can be incude here if you email them to michael.grove@farming.co.uk


Any local news that you think will be of interest to Harlaston parishioners can be included on this website if you send it to michael.grove@farming.co.uk


Boogie Bounce temporarily Closed

Individual trampoline exercises

In Harlaston Village Hall

Tuesday 6-7pm and Thursdays 6.30-7.30 pm

Telephone Jenny 01827 383615


                                Harlaston Indoor bowls Club will not be open while the rule of six is in place                                                                               


Harlaston  Indoor Bowls Club closed until further notice

 all equipment provided.

No experience necessary

Just bring soft soled shoes

Non members can come twice for free. on the third visit they will be asked for £10.00 annual membersip fee.

The club will be open 7-10 pm on Tuedays and Wednesdays and 2-4.30 on Wednesday afternoons

Mat fees will be £1.50 per session including refreshments.

The club will open on some Sundays and some Thursdays 2 pm until 6 pm.  


Harlaston Bowls Club "Prize Giving" should have taken place on Thursday 26th March  but has been postponed until further notice

Prize winners are:-

                                        Gents Singles winner Owen Harrison and runner up Roger Nicholls

                                        Kath Hogg Trophy winner - Janet Munday and the runner up was Martin Ellis.

                                        Ladies Singles winner - Ann Richardson and the runner up - Janet Munday

                                        Mixed Singles winner - Ann Richardson and the runner up was Mark Harrison.

                                        Gents Doubles winners - Mark Harrison and Michael Grove.

                                        Gents Doubles runners up - Bill Hinds and Owen Harrison.

                                        Ladies Doubles winners - Ann Richardson and Chris Hinds.

                                        Ladies Doubles runners up - Sheila Rowe and Gwen Lackey.

                                        Mixed Doubles winners - Ann Richardson and Dave Chamberlain.

                                        Mixed Doubles runners up - Janet Munday and Gwen Lackey.

                                        Dorothy Shelton Cup winner - Roger Nicholls

                                        Triples winners were Bill Hinds, Dave Chamberlain and Ann Richardson

                                        Triples runners up were Sheila Rowe, Janet Munday and Michael Grove         


Yoga closed until further notice

Yoga will take place in the Village Hall on Thursdays from 10.00 am till 11.30am.
For details ring Wenda on 01543 414515


Harlaston and Edingale W.I.


New members welcome.

Details from  Claire Butterfield, 01827 383853



Harlaston Indoor Bowls Club

Closed until further notice

Chairman     Bill Hinds   Tel 01827 373438

Secretary     Jinny Aldridge on 01827 382924

                       New Members Wanted!

 New members welcome, free for their first 2 weeks, smooth soled shoes preferred, all other equipment provided, bowling will take place in Harlaston Village Hall between 7pm and 10 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and between 2pm and 4.30 pm on Wednesdays as well as some Sunday afternoons between 1.45pm and 6pm.

Also some Thursday afternoons against other clubs

 This season would have started on Sunday 27th September 2020

and will close at the end of March 2021  Newcomers welcome, just bring a pair of soft shoes and join in. 

New members can attend free, twice; on their third vist they will be asked for £10 annual membership fee, if they wish to join.

Attendance fee is £1.50 for a 3 or 4 hour session and includes tea or coffee and biscuits

Go to Harlaston calendar of Events for future events


.Goto www.harlastonvillage.co.uk for agendas and minutes of the Parish Council meetings
  The next Parish Council meeting will take place in Harlaston Village Hall 
at 7.30 pm. on Monday 18th May 2020
All parish residents welcome.
Open Forum for the public to ask questions or make comments at the beginning and at the end of the meeting.

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St. Matthew's Church - Harlaston

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