Minutes of Meeting Held 21 May 2009



ON THURSDAY MAY 21st 2009 AT 7:50PM

Present: Cllrs VE Tiso (Chairman), P Timmis (Vice-Chairman), P Whitehouse, J Lamb, R Powell, A Herring, Mrs V Turner
In attendance: Ms CA Gilbert (Clerk), District Cllr RP Bennion, four residents
Apologies: County Cllr M Ellis

Declarations of Interest: 


Minutes of the Meeting held on April 2nd, 

previously circulated, were approved. It was proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Powell and agreed that they be signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

St. Matthew’s Church Clock – refurbishment had been carried out unsatisfactorily so the clock had been taken back to the workshop to be re-done and should be put back up next week. There may be a £60 surcharge for the scaffolding.
White posts on boundary of open space in Churchside will be replaced with a new set supplied to Lichfield District Council. Clarification to be sought regarding the health and safety issues relating to metal or wooden posts which would be more serviceable.
Mowing of grass – contractor stipulates that his quote stated that cut grass would not be taken away. This is to be checked.
Railway fencing under the ownership of Network Rail. Letter to be sent to follow up verbal request for repairs to be done.
Litter on football field – a letter to Edingale Parish Council resulted in an email response from the Trustees of the field which referred to the misuse of the field by Harlaston residents and dog- fouling not cleared up by those residents walking their dogs. Suggest they put up signs.
Letter from resident concerning dog-fouling on the footpaths in the parish and it was agreed that information should be obtained regarding the cost of suitable bins and the emptying of them.
Overhang from gardens obstructing footpaths to be followed up by Chairman.
Chairman referred to meeting in Lichfield regarding ‘gang work’ in the parish. List of jobs had been sent but some work had yet to been done.


Footpath/Bridleway Report re FP7 – copy of report sent to SCC by P & J Smith.
C Pearson re PC thank you letter for work done adjacent to footpath bordering his property.
LDC Core Strategy – Policy Directions April 2009
CCS – Calor Village of the Year 2009. May enter this competition next year.
CPRE newsletter
Equality and Human Rights – public sector duties information
South Staffs NHS awards
65th ‘D’ Day celebrations to be held at Stafford on June 21st – invitation. This is the weekend of the ‘Open Gardens’ event so unable to attend.
County Cllr Ellis sent an email advising that all his election posters would be removed by the Sunday following Election day on June 4th. If any remain, please let him know.


Balance at Bank £10,593.59 (+ £2,865.00) Coventry BS £2,325.76.
Payments received: LDC precept – £5,000, St. Matthew’s PCC donation re Church Clock refurbishment fundraising – £2,865.00.
The following payments were presented. It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Turner, seconded by Cllr Herring and agreed that they be approved:
Village hall hire for meetings year to May 2009 – £42.
Chairman’s allowance – £100.
Clerk’s salary and administration expenses – £643.71.
B&N Garden Maintenance: 3 cuts at £83 per cut – £249.
Newsletter printing – re-issue of lost cheque £22.50 (January newsletter) and April newsletter £15.
Smith of Derby re Church Clock refurbishment £2,604.75 – hold until work completed. Thanks given to Cllr Whitehouse and Mr O’Neill for their work decorating the tower.
D & O Scaffolding re Church Clock refurbishment – £600.
St Matthew’s Church PCC re power costs – £100. Annual donation of £50 per annum awarded was unpaid in September 2008. Proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Mrs Turner and agreed that this be paid now, together with the donation for 2009, plus an additional amount of £20 for the lights to be switched on from 9:00PM–11:00PM during the summer months.
Insurance renewal for 2009/10 request received from Came & Company – £577.19.
Play area – parts to be ordered from B J Leisure.


Approval of Planning permission: 09/00110/FUL – S L Dunn, Oak Tree House, Scotland Lane – demolition of existing house and erection of a new 6 bedroom dwelling with double garage and new front boundary wall with railings and entrance gates – revised layout of proposed dwelling and omission of boundary wall
Plans received: 09/00492/CLP (Certificate of Lawfulness – Proposed) – Mr & Mrs RG Wright, The Mill House, Haunton Road – extension to existing garage

Urgent Business at the Chairman’s Discretion

Manor Lane – Police to be asked if trailer can be removed. Details of complaints to be passed to District Cllr Bennion for him to follow up.
Speeding through the village – training course to learn how to use mobile device would be put on if six persons available. Request for volunteers in newsletter and put on agenda for next meeting.
Confirmed that agreed minutes would be put on the Parish Council website.

Next meeting to be held in Harlaston Village Hall on Thursday July 16th 2009, following Open Forum at 7:30PM.
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:30PM.