Minutes of Meeting held 16 July 2009



ON THURSDAY JULY 16th 2009 AT 7:30PM

Present: Cllrs VE Tiso (Chairman), P Timmis (Vice-Chairman), P Whitehouse, J Lamb, R Powell, A Herring, Mrs V Turner
In attendance: Ms CA Gilbert (Clerk), PC Richard Allsopp, one resident
Apologies: County Cllr M Ellis

Declarations of Interest: 


Open Forum

No comments.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 

held on May 21st, previously circulated, were approved. It was proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Mrs Turner and agreed that they be signed by the Chairman.

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 

held on May 21st, previously circulated, were approved. It was proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Mrs Turner and agreed that they be signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

Church clock has now been refurbished satisfactorily. There was a surcharge of £120 for the additional day’s hire of the scaffolding and it was agreed with Smith of Derby that this amount would be deducted from their final invoice. Parish Council hasn’t yet received a letter from St. Matthew’s Parochial Church Council regarding the fund-raising for the refurbishment of the clock.
Churchside – white posts have not been replaced. Health and Safety Executive confirmed that there were no set safety criteria in this regard and that any policy would lie with the local planning department. Broken white posts leave sharp edges which are a danger. Contact insurance company to check cover should any accidental injury occur. Lichfield District Council have supplied similar white posts to replace damaged ones and it was proposed by Cllr Timmis, seconded by Cllr Lamb and agreed by all Councillors, except Cllr Whitehouse, that these be used to replace the broken ones. Suggested that the hollow posts be filled with concrete when installed to make them more secure. Agreed that Cllr Powell would arrange for work to be done.
Mowing – confirmed that there was no mention in the quote in respect of the non-removal of grass cuttings.
Railway fencing – confirmed that repairs will take place in September 2009.
Parking near railway bridge – confirmed that hatch markings will be put on road at the end of July 2009.
Dog bins – information regarding the cost of installing dog bins had been obtained from Lichfield District Council. The supply and installation of a standard bin is £295 and a heavy duty steel bin, which would be recommended for areas prone to vandalism, is £600. There is a £2 per week charge for emptying each bin. Site meeting would need to be arranged prior to ordering. Agreed that this information be put in newsletter and residents asked to make their views known to the Parish Council.
Overhang from gardens – reported this had been cleared and the hedge cut.
Gang work – Chairman reported much of the work requested had been done.
Manor Lane – Homezone had responded by letter to the formal complaint made by District Cllr Bennion. This letter advised that any complaints regarding the property should be notified to Homezone immediately in order that they could be dealt with at the time as the issues previously presented were neither detailed nor dated. Cllr Whitehouse to take over chasing up this problem and copy of letter to be passed to him. Thanks given to District Cllr Bennion for his efforts.


CCS re BKV competition – invitation to announcement of results at Stafford on Monday August 3rd
SPCA: Newsletter / Training courses available to February 2010
Partner Update email from County Councillor Philip Atkins
Open Spaces – request for information from LDC – no comments


Balance at Bank £5,432.94 (Coventry BS £2,325.76)
VAT repayment received – £127.49
The following payments were approved and it was proposed, seconded and agreed that they be paid:
BJ Leisure re parts order – £453.53 + VAT (funds to be transferred from building society)
Smith of Derby re annual Church clock service – £178 + VAT
D & O Scaffolding re 2 weeks extra hire – £120
Smith of Derby re Church clock refurbishment – £2,145 + Vat (this includes a deduction of £120 for the additional hire of scaffolding)
B & N Garden Maintenance ×2 cuts – £166
St. Giles’ Hospice – £300 set aside. Request list of items towards which the donation would be put.
Came & Company – receipt, insurance schedule and Certificate to May 31st 2010 received.

Annual Return for 2009:
Books and accounts have now been audited by the internal auditor. Thanks given to Mr K Johnson for his work in this regard.
The Annual Governance Statement was discussed, agreed by the Councillors and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.
Annual Return to be forwarded to external auditor before August 17th 2009.


Certificate of Lawful Use or Development: 09/00492/CLP – The Mill House, Haunton Road, Harlaston – extension to existing garage. For information only: TPO on the hawthorn at 13 Manor Lane.
Agricultural building viewed from Churchside in the Haselour Lane direction. Cllr Herring to contact LDC with map reference for it to be checked out.

Urgent Business at the Chairman’s Discretion

Bus service – service provider has now been changed from Acorns to Michael James. Complaints received by Chairman to be looked into by District Cllr Bennion.
Link from Edingale to Alrewas – any parishes interested will meet before September with all parties concerned.
Complaints received regarding tractor driven at speed. Discussion with PC Allsopp regarding ruling to stop HGVs from using local roads as a short-cut between A38 and M42, but not hinder local farm traffic.
PC Allsopp advised that there would be a meeting for the villages with the Police on August 27th. Notices would be put up to let people know.
Map of footpaths – still waiting to hear from Mr Smith.
Play area – gate in fence is locked and residents have complained that children climb over their fence to get ball from field. Confirmed that there is no right of way through the gate, but that its location had been agreed when the fence was put up for the purpose of allowing children to retrieve balls. Chairman to deal with.

Next meeting of the Parish Council to be held in the Village Hall on Thursday September 24th 2009, following Open Forum at 7:30PM.
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:20PM.