29 January 2018



Present:                   Cllrs P Whitehouse (Chairman),

T Armstrong, S Forest, C Foster, L Joyce, A Riches



In attendance:        Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk), 14 members of the public


Apologies:               Cllr P Timmis


Declarations of Interest

There were none


Public Open Forum

There was considerable discussion about the planning application for a free range egg production facility at Dunnimere Farm (Ref 17/01500/FULM). A number of local people expressed concerns about the likely increase in traffic and access issues, a range of different environmental factors including smell, purported in accuracies in the measurements detailed in the application, delays in learning about the application and difficulties accessing it online. The applicant was represented in the meeting and attempted to address these concerns, also inviting local people to accompany him on a visit to similar facility to that proposed in another area. Those gathered were reminded of the need to make their own individual representations to the planning authority. At the end of the discussion many people left with four members of the public remaining.  


Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 27 November were approved. This was proposed by Councillor Riches and seconded by Councillor Forest.     


Matters Arising and Correspondence

It was noted that Register of Members’ Interest Forms were still outstanding for two councillors and that forms had been circulated and this was in hand.

The Chairman reported that a couple in the village had offered to assist in developing the Village Plan and also with the Community Speed Watch.

There was no progress to date in identifying locals killed in post-1945 conflicts.

The playground inspection had been completed and copies of the report would be circulated.

The Chairman also reported that he had purchased a new union flag for the flagpole in the churchyard at a cost of £64.99.

The Clerk read out an email from an Edingale Parish councillor outlining some ideas on options to continue the bus service or offer some form of alternative. Whilst councillors expressed reservations it was agreed to that the parish council should participate in future meetings about this.

Action: Councillor Riches agreed to represent Harlaston when such a meeting was called.


Village Action Plan

Councillor Joyce led a discussion of the village action plan.



It was agreed to update the website with the new email and new councillor details. Action: Councillor Joyce to action before March meeting


Village plan

Discussion of the village plan was delayed due to Councillor Timmis’ absence.

Action: Councillors to discuss at March meeting


Village newsletter

It was agreed to use the next village newsletter to share information about community safety and the Best Kept Village.

Action: Councillor Joyce to prepare draft and circulate before March meeting


Village tidy up

It was agreed that the village “clean-up” held in preparation for the Best Kept Village would take place on 29 April starting at 10.00 am. Councillor Forest reported that the entry fee was £18.40 and read out the scoring criteria.

Actions: (i) Councillor Forest to include village tidy up date in Mease mag for March and April; and (ii) Councillor Joyce to include details on Next Door app following January meeting


Smart Alert scheme

Councillor Armstrong reported on the positive feedback about the Smart Alert scheme to support crime prevention and community safety. He reminded the meeting that people could sign up to this on the Staffordshire Police website. He also noted that fly-tipping appeared to be increasing across the county and that local people needed to be vigilant about this.

Action: Councillor Armstrong to update Next Door app with security updates as and when required



The Clerk reported that the Current Account balance stood at £16,159.79 and that this included monies transferred in from the Business Reserve Account (12/6/13) £77.31; from the Village Green Account (12/6/13) £4,890.30; from the Coventry Building Society Account - Playground Account (3/3/14) £2,367.90. Money spent in these areas since these amounts were transferred were Playground  (Spikes) £99.00 and the Village Green (John Mason) £340.00 giving a revised total of         £6896.51. It was also the case that the Current Account had incurred expenditure on the playground totaling £1,429.20 in 2012-13; this expenditure should have been coded to the Coventry account. The playground monies transferred from the Coventry account were therefore actually £938.70. The Clerk reminded the meeting that the precept included an additional £2,863 for 2017-18 compared with previous years. If this was factored in then the current balance stood at £13,269.75. This compared with £13,794.13 in January 2017 and           £14,123.46 in January 2016.

The following cheques were approved for payment:

Clerk’s Salary: £106.30.

Clerk’s Expenses £16.00

Best Kept Village £18.40

Pat Whitehouse (for the purchase of the flag, bedding plants, fuel for the grass cutting and printer ink): £172.25

This was proposed by Councillor Riches and seconded by Councillor Armstrong.



17/01557/FUL - Portway Farm

There was nothing further to report on the application considered at the previous meeting: Ref number 17/01557/FUL by Mr and Mrs Lee at Portway Farm.


17/01500/FUL – Dunnimere Farm

The application at Dunnimere Farm had already been discussed extensively in the Open Forum. It was agreed that the parish council would write to the planning authority outlining residents’ objections. The Clerk agreed to draft and circulate a letter which councillors would comment upon prior to submission to Lichfield District Council on 5 February.


16/01409/FUL – Fish Pits Farm

The Clerk agreed to write to the Chief Executive of Lichfield District Council seeking an update on the Section 106 monies associated with the Fish Pits Farm development.

Action: Clerk to email LDC prior to March meeting and update Parish Council as appropriate


It was agreed to keep all existing planning applications on the agenda regardless of whether there was anything to report.


Playground Update

Councillor Riches had secured £1000 from Staffordshire County Council which the Parish Council agreed to accept. A bid to Veolia had been unsuccessful. Applications would shortly be made to the Big Lottery (Stage One application) and the Tesco Bags of Growth scheme. Other funding sources under investigation included Tarmac and Biffa. A promising funding stream operated by the Co-Op would only accept applications submitted by co-op members. Mick Brown, a member of the public, offered to make the submission on behalf of the council and it was agreed that Councillor Riches would forward application to Mr Brown for him to action. Thanks were expressed to Mr Brown for his help.

Action: Councillor Riches to continue with funding applications and update Parish Council as and when information is received


District and County Council Matters

There was none.


Any Other Business

The Chairman reported that dog fouling was still an issue in some parts of the village and it was agreed to monitor the situation closely and contact enforcement at Lichfield if there was no improvement. The Clerk agreed to write to the landowner concerning trees and the hazard posed by the overhanging on the edge of the village. It was agreed to purchase litter picking sticks to help with the village clean up.  


Open Forum

No issues were raised.


Date of Next Meeting(s)


Monday 26 March 2018


The Clerk would ensure that this was publicized in the parish magazine.