Present:                   Cllrs P Whitehouse (Chairman),

T Armstrong, S Forest, C Foster 

In attendance:        Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk), 1 member of the public

Apologies:               Cllr L Joyce

Declarations of Interest

There were none

Public Open Forum

Mr M Grove asked if the Parish Council would consider making a contribution to the cost of the repairs to the church clock. Initial quotations from Smiths of Derby had put the cost at in excess of £800, but the Parochial Church Council had negotiated and secured a reduced cost of around £350. It was agreed that the Parish Council would consider this at its full meeting in July. The Council felt that this could be linked to the allocation of the income raised through the Open Gardens. This would necessitate some dialogue with the Parochial Church Council.  

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

As this was an extraordinary meeting the minutes of the May meeting were not considered and it was agreed to do this at the main meeting in July.

Matters Arising and Correspondence

There was none.

Bus Update

There was a discussion about the latest situation with the buses. Correspondence had been received from Councillor Anthony Mason of Edingale Parish Council. Tribute was paid to Councillor Mason who had doggedly and determinedly pursued the issue with both Staffordshire County Council and the bus operators. Nevertheless, from the somewhat lengthy correspondence to which the Parish Council had been copied, it now seemed clear that Staffordshire County Council would not be offering any financial subsidy and that the recent re-tendering exercise had come to nothing.  The point at issue was whether Harlaston now felt able and willing to join Edingale and Elford in supporting a part-time bus service providing a limited service between certain Mease Valley villages and Tamworth town centre. The information provided was based on a number of assumptions and also included a £3.00 voluntary contribution from passengers on each journey. These suggested that the annual cost to the Parish Council would be in the region of £1872 (or £36 per week) minus any voluntary contribution made by passengers from Harlaston. The Parish Council had reservations about this. There was concerns about the impact on the council’s reserves, the financial viability of such a service in the long term, the availability of other possible options such as shared taxis or lifts and the perceived impracticality of the current timetable (whereby passengers had to wait around 3 hours in Tamworth for the return trip). Whilst a small number in the village had expressed the wish to use a bus service, councillors remained unconvinced. It was agreed to seek further information and maintain a close watching brief in the situation.

Action: Clerk 


The Clerk reported on the recent internal audit which had been undertaken by the usual internal auditor and concluded successfully. The auditor, Mr Keith Johnson, had once again completed the work for free. It was agreed to write to Mr Johnson thanking him for this. The Clerk explained the audit process and circulated a financial summary detailing the council’s expenditure for the 2017-18 financial year. Councillors considered this and reported that they were happy with it. Councillor Foster suggested included new columns for planned and unplanned expenditure and the Clerk agreed to consider this for next year. The Clerk explained that it was now necessary to sign off the Annual Internal Audit Report required for submission to the external audit (though no external audit would actually be done).

This was proposed and seconded by Councillors Armstrong and Foster and duly carried.

Action: Chairman and Clerk

A number of cheques were approved for payment:

996 Pat Whitehouse for plants          £76.90

997 Clerk Expenses for May              £22.50

998 Clerk Salary May (net)                £129.07

999 Clerk Additional Hours (audit)   £148.93

This was proposed by Councillor Foster seconded by Councillor Forest and duly carried.


The Clerk agreed to contact LDCC Planning regarding changes to the application at Calcotts Farm with particular reference to highways issues.

The Clerk reported on changes to the application at Fish Pits Farm. Members were already aware of this and had n particular concerns.

Action: Clerk

Open Forum

No issues were raised.

Date of Next Meeting(s)

Monday 16 July 2018