Present:                             Cllrs P Whitehouse (Chairman),

T Armstrong, S Forest, C Foster


In attendance:               Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk), 2 member of the public   


Apologies:                        Cllr L Joyce



Declarations of Interest

There were none


Public Open Forum

There was a discussion about the history of the village and the need to update the village website. This was  both to improve its functionality but also be more informative about the history and the heritage of the area. A village resident expressed her enthusiasm for the history of Harlaston. She suggested that a subscription to the online British Newspaper Archive would be prove useful in enabling people to research local history and celebrate the village’s heritage. All agreed that this would be a good idea and the Clerk was asked to arrange for a subscription on behalf of the parish council.

There was some further discussion on the subject of the church clock initiated by David Grove. Following the service by Smiths of Derby, further works had been identified by Smiths and a quote obtained. The Parochial Church Council were inquiring if the parish council would fund this work. It was agreed to facilitate a dialogue between the two councils to see if an amicable arrangement could be made.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 26 March 2018 were approved as a true and accurate record. This was proposed by Councillor Forest, seconded by Councillor Foster and duly carried.


Matters Arising

Following confirmation that there was no ongoing programme of maintenance for the milestones, it was agreed that Councillor Whitehouse would paint them.

There was some concern over the Village Plan following the resignation of Peter Timmis. It was agreed that the Clerk would source copies of existing plans and that Councillors Whitehouse, Forest and Foster would work together to prepare a plan.



A letter had been received from a resident regarding the situation with the bus and expressing her disappointment that Harlaston had not joined with Edingale and Elford in supporting a limited bus service to Tamworth. The Chair expressed his sympathy but reiterated the council’s position that the service currently on offer was of only very limited use and limited appeal to local people. The council’s stance was to await the outcome of the tender exercise currently being undertaken by Staffordshire County Council. To date there was no update on this and the Clerk agreed to follow this up with Edingale Parish Council.

Councillor Foster remarked that there was a new taxi service – Violet’s Taxis – operating out of Haunton. He wondered if this might be of use to those villagers wishing to travel to Harlaston during the week.





The Clerk updated the meeting on the financial position and the current balance in the Current Account which stood at £23,216.57. This was relatively healthy and compared well with the same period in previous years.

It was agreed to increase the Clerk’s rate of pay to £12.40 per hour to bring it into line with neighbouring councils.

The Clerk reported that the insurance was due for renewal on 1 June. He had been obtaining quotations. The existing insurers had quoted a renewal of £588.00. Another company – Norrish and Fisher – had come in nearly at nearly £200 less; while a third had yet to quote. It was agreed to delegate responsibility to the Clerk to select the best quote and take out the requisite cover with a report back at the next meeting.



An update on the funding situation was being sought in the wake of Councillor Riches resignation.



There were no new applications. The Clerk updated the meeting on the situation with the Section 106 monies for Fish Pits Lane and agreed to maintain a close watching brief on this.  


District Council Matters

Nothing to report in the absence of Cllr Yeates.  


Best Kept Village

Councillor Forest thanked everyone for their support and agreed to draft a thank you letter for those villagers who had been particularly helpful. Feedback was now awaited from the judges.


Any Other Business

Cllr Armstrong updated the meeting on the community speedwatch which was now up and running. On the first session 26 offenders had been spotted. Volunteers were to be trained during the week of 1 June. Police had asked that the volunteers also report breach of weight restrictions and also use of mobile phones while driving.


Date of Next Meeting

Monday 25 June 2018 at 7.30 pm to discuss the 2017-18 accounts.