Present:                    Cllrs P Whitehouse (Chairman),

T Armstrong, P Timmis, S Forest, L Joyce



In attendance:        Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk), 1 member of the public


Apologies:                 Cllr A Tingey.


Open Forum

During the open forum, the issue of the Section 106 monies came up. Michael Grove mentioned a conversation he had had with an officer at Lichfield District Council who had told him that there would be no 106 funding. The Chair and the Clerk reported that they had been in correspondence with LDC on this matter and the letter was read to the meeting. It appeared to imply that – due to a change in the statutory framework and also delays in obtaining approval for the Fish Pits Farm development – money would be available, albeit significantly less than had been thought previously. The meeting expressed considerable concern over this. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to the Chief Executive of the District Council and to the Ward Member, Councillor Ashley Yeates, requesting immediate clarification. The local MP, Christopher Pincher, would be copied into the correspondence. The Chair agreed to contact the Leader of Lichfield District Council, Councillor Mike Wilcox, for his views. The Clerk would copy his letter to councilors for their comments prior to posting. The Clerk would also seek advice from the Staffordshire Parish Councils Association.

Action: Chair, Clerk.


Declarations of Interest

There were none


Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 25 February 2016 were approved. This was proposed by Councillor Forest and seconded by CouncillorTimmis.


Matters Arising and Correspondence

The Chair reported that there had been considerable progress with the telephone box. Councillor Joyce’s husband had kindly completed a planning application and this had been passed to the Clerk.

The Chair reported that dog fouling was still an issue. LDC had been asked to take enforcement action, but it was unclear what form that action would take and whether anything had been done to date. It was agreed to purchase a supply of “pooh bags” at a cost of around £31.00 for 2,000 bags, following a suggestion from Councillor Armstrong. This was proposed by Councillor Armstrong and seconded by Councillor Forest. These could possibly be distributed via the telephone box in the fullness of time. 

Action: Clerk

The Chair reminded the meeting that there was still a vacancy for a councillor. The Clerk would initiate steps to recruit one.

Action: Clerk






The Clerk agreed to write to Staffs Highways to report potholes in the road, following a letter from Diane Spalding.

The Clerk would also contact the Police regarding concerns over speeding motorists and HGVs on the local roads.

Action: Clerk



It was noted that cheques had been paid to the Clerk for his expenses and salary totally approximately £130; it was agreed to authorize cheques to Cliff Brown for the grass cutting for £170.00 and to the SPCA for the annual membership for £146.

The Council’s insurance was due for renewal on 1 June. Quotes were being obtained and the Clerk was instructed to proceed with whichever company offered the best quote. Suggestions for companies to approach included Westminster and Hiscox.

It was noted that the bank balance stood at £19,395.84 on 29 April. This included the £6,000 precept which had now been received from Lichfield District Council.

Actions: Clerk



There were no comments there being no applications for consideration.

The Clerk would contact LDC regarding the application at Manor View and a query over the details of the plan and the en-suites.

Action: Clerk


District Council Matters

There was no report in the absence of the District and County Councillors.


Any Other Business

It was noted that there was still a vacancy on the council and agreed to advertise this on the noticeboard. The Clerk would find out when the Neighbourhood Highways Team were next to visit the area. The Clerk would contact Keith Dawson at West Midlands Ambulance Service to find out if there was any news regarding funding for defibrillators. The Clerk would circulate minute to Michael Grove for inclusion on the website.

The Chair briefed the meeting on alternatives for a new boundary sign for the village. All responded positively to this. It was agreed that three would be required and a preferred shape was identified. The Clerk would check with Highways on any regulatory requirements.

Action: Clerk and Chair.


Date of Next Meeting


September 2016 (Exact date to be confirmed).