Present:                   Cllrs P Whitehouse (Chairman),

P Timmis, L Joyce, S Forest



In attendance:     Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk), 5 members of the public, Keith Dawson (West Midlands Ambulance Service)


Apologies:              Cllr A Tingey, Cllr T Armstrong



Declarations of Interest

There were none


Public Open Session

The Chairman adjourned the meeting and members of the public were invited to address those present.

Keith Dawson from West Midlands Ambulance Service was welcomed to the meeting and gave a presentation on community defibrillators. He pointed out that 60,000 deaths occur in the UK each year due to sudden cardiac arrest and that up to 80% of these could be saved through quick action within 8-10 minutes. This was based on the chain of survival comprising of recognition, CPR, defibrillation and advanced life support. He demonstrated the defibrillators and explained that they could be stored either in a building or in an external cabinet. A power supply was only required to operate a light and a heater. The defibrillators would only work when applied correctly and when the system identified a cardiac arrest in the patient. The purchase cost was £1200 plus VAT, though it was hoped that a scheme operated through the British Heart Foundation would re-start in April. This would mean that a defibrillator could be obtained in return for a £400 donation. Total running costs were estimated in the region of £35 per year.  Mr Dawson reported that a number of local villages had acquired defibrillators. Alrewas had installed 8. He reported that they had been used successfully in Stone and in Lichfield. 

Other issues raised during the Open Forum included potholes on Mill Corner and the donation to St Giles Hospice (which a number of local people present were in favour of).


Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The meeting was reconvened. The minutes of the meeting held on 3December 2015 were approved subject to a correction under Matters Arising. This was proposed by Councillor Timmis and seconded by Councillor Joyce.


Matters Arising

Dog fouling was still a problem. It was agreed to use the Village Newsletter to appeal to local people not to do this and to be responsible.

The Clerk had asked the District Council about the procedure for allocating Section 106 monies, but had not received a definitive answer. It was noted that no S106 money was payable until construction had begun on Fish Pits Farm. It was also noted that planning permission had yet to be granted. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Lichfield to seek a clear explanation of how it would operate.

Whether or not to reinstate the donation to St Giles was discussed. Councillor Joyce proposed an annual donation of £100. This was seconded by Councillor Timmis and carried, though Councillor Forest felt that donations such as this should be a matter for personal choice and not necessarily appropriate for public money.

The Clerk had made enquiries regarding Neighbourhood Plans. These were more important than Village Plans as they formed part of the local authority’s strategic development plan. The Clerk felt that it would be beneficial to the village to have one. It was agreed to find out more about them before comitting  the time and resources required.

There was discussion about the community defibrillators. Although not everyone was convinced of their efficacy it was agreed to apply for one subject to the National Heart Foundation funding being made available once again. This was proposed by Councillor Forest, seconded by Councillor Joyce and carried.



Correspondence had been received about the Community Footpaths Initiative inviting bids. A letter about mobile cinemas in rural areas was passed to the Village Hall Committee. The Playground Inspection had been completed and was considered to be a useful and thorough inspection. Whilst no high risks had been identified, Councillor Whitehouse felt that most of the equipment in the playground needed replacing and that the report said this.




The Clerk circulated the balance for the Current Account which stood at £14,008.49. If the monies transferred from the other accounts in 2013 were taken into account, this meant that the  actual balance as £6,672.98. This compared with £6,303.88 in February 2015.

It was agreed to pay cheques to the Playground Inspection Company for £75.00 and to the Community Council of Staffordshire for £17.00 to cover the fee to enter the Best Kept Village competition. This was proposed by Councillor Timmis, seconded by Councillor Joyce and carried.



There were no new applications.

The Clerk reported that there were no developments to report with the planning appeal for the wind turbines at Haunton. He planned to keep a watching brief on this through the Planning Inspectorate website.

It was noted that hard copies of planning applications were no longer being distributed by the District Council following a change of policy.


Village Phone Box

Councillor Joyce outlined the BT Adopt a Kiosk Scheme and described how Wall Parish Council were using their’s as a book exchange. She explained that BT continued to pay lighting costs and that it would need to be added to the Parish Council’s insurance. She had confirmed with BT that the phone box in Harlaston was available for adoption. The Clerk had contacted Lichfield District Council to query whether there were any planning implications associated with a change of use. Councillor Joyce proposed that the Parish Council sought to adopt the phone box and assume ownership subject to the planning situation being clarified. This was seconded by Councillor Forest and carried.


District Council Matters

The Clerk had alerted CouncillorYeates to the Parish Council’s concerns about the Section 106 monies and asked for his assistance in clarifying the process.


Any Other Business

The Clerk was in the process of obtaining quotes for the grass cutting. It was agreed that he would further investigate the issues around the need for public liability insurance with the  Parish Council’s insurers.

The Chair reported that Councillor Tingey had resigned from the Parish Council. The Clerk was asked to initiate the process to choose a new councillor to fill the vacancy. [The resignation was subsequently withdrawn after the meeting].


Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 19 May 2016 at 7.15 pm.