Present:                    Cllrs P Whitehouse (Chairman),

T Armstrong (part), P Timmis, L Joyce,



In attendance:        Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk),  1 members of the public  


Apologies:                 Cllr A Tingey, Cllr C Morrison, Cllr S Forest.



Declarations of Interest

There were none


Public Open Session

The Chairman adjourned the meeting and members of the public were invited to address those present.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The meeting was reconvened. The minutes of the meeting held on 10 September 2015 were approved. This was proposed by Councillor Timmis and seconded by Councillor Joyce. The Clerk advised that preferred practice for parish councils was to publish draft minutes after each meeting. These would then be approved at the subsequent meeting. Watermarks should be used to indicate whether minutes were draft or approved. The council accepted with a formal proposal by Councillor Timmis, seconded by Councillor Joyce and duly carried. 


Matters Arising and Correspondence

It was agreed to wait until the newsletter had been published and more work done to canvass local opinion before making a decision on the possible donation to St Giles’. Councillor Joyce agreed to draft a piece to that effect and arrange for it to be published in the Mease Valley Benefice magazine.

It was agreed that the clerk would write a piece for the Mease Valley Benefice magazine and speak to Lichfield District Council to see if more signage was available. He would also clarify the exact nature and procedure of any formal endorsement action that the District Council was able to take.

Councillor Joyce circulated information from Brtish Telecom about their “Adopt a Kiosk” scheme. Following some discussion it was agreed to defer a decision on whether to proceed with this until more councillors were present.



A number of matters concerning overhanging trees and other items had already been dealt with. The Chair had been contacted by residents concerning issues with the footpath to the rear of Manor Lane. The Clerk agreed to contact Staffordshire Highways about this.




The Clerk updated the meeting on the successful outcome of the Parish Council’s External Audit. He circulated the balance for the Current Account which stood at £14,844.43 at the end of October. It was agreed that henceforth the account balance include an indication of those funds reserved for the playground and the village green.

It was agreed following a proposal from Councillor Timmis, seconded by Councillor Joyce, that the Clerk submit a Precept request for £6000 from the District Council at the appropriate time. This was the same as in the previous three years.

It was agreed to pay cheques to the Clerk for his expenses and salary, to the Parochial Church Council to cover the cost of church illuminations and to Councillor Forest for items purchased for the Best Kept Village competition.



There were no new applications.

The Clerk reported that there were no developments to report with the planning appeal for the wind turbines at Haunton. He planned to keep a watching brief on this through the Planning Inspectorate website.

The Clerk reported the planning consent for the Fishpits Farm development had now lapsed and the District Council thought that a resubmission was imminent. There was some discussion about the possible implications of this for future Section 106 monies. It was agreed that the Clerk would investigate this.


Neighbourhood Plans

The Clerk agreed to circulate a summary of the purpose and process for this in time for the next meeting. The Council would then decide if it wanted to produce one. The Clerk would also query the status of Harlaston’s previous plan.



It was agreed to commission the Play Inspection Company to undertake a safety check on the playground. This was proposed by Councillor Joyce and seconded by Councillor Timmis. The Clerk explained that while this was not essential for insurance purposes it was considered good practice and the parish council’s insurance company strongly encouraged it.


District Council Matters

The Clerk was asked to write to the District Councillor asking that he attend a future meeting. 


Any Other Business

The Clerk would contact the Police regarding large lorries in the area and also reports of dangerous driving by tractors. The Chair reported on a sum of approximately £80.00 that was apparently Neighbourhood Watch money found in the possession of a former organizer who was now deceased. It was agreed that this was matter for Neighbourhood Watch to resolve.


Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 25 February 2016 at 7.30 pm, then 19 May 2016 at 7.30 pm.