Parish Council Minutes (Sept 24th 2009)

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Present:  Cllrs VE Tiso (Chairman), P Timmis (Vice-Chairman), J Lamb, R Powell, Mrs V Turner
In attendance:  Ms CA Gilbert (Clerk), County Cllr M Ellis, three residents
Apologies:   A Herring, P Whitehouse, District Cllr RP Bennion

Declarations of Interest: None.

Open Forum

Complaint received regarding large vehicles using the lanes as shortcuts. Chairman advised that some large vehicles have the right to use the lanes.
Footpath rail in Scotland Lane.
Discussion concerning felled trees which do not have TPO.
Big branch on bank in Scotland Lane causing problems – landowner to be contacted.


Churchside – white posts have been replaced and filled with concrete to prevent dangerous sharp edges if posts break.
Railway fencing has now been repaired.
Grass cutting – when put out to tender ensure removal of grass cuttings included in quote.
Footpaths - Copies of reports on footpaths and bridleways sent to SCC by P Smith were read out by Chairman.
Public Transport Meeting - Held at Elford on September 16th 2009 – Chairman read out report from meeting and new bus time-table to be posted on notice board.


St. Matthew’s PCC thanking Parish Council for help and support with refurbishment of church clock.
SPCA Newsletter + Annual Report and Account 2008–09.
Staffordshire Playing Fields Association Annual Report and Accounts 2008–09 + subscription request of £15 – payment proposed by Cllr Lamb, seconded by Cllr Mrs Turner and agreed.
LDC: Gambling Act 2005 – Consultation on Draft Statement of Principals by October 30th.
CCS: Information on funding from the European Social Fund Community Grants Scheme + Poster for display – workshop on October 1st. 
AGM to be held September 24th – Minutes of 2008 AGM available.
BT: Adoption of local red telephone kiosk. Discussion regarding this offer too place. Agreed that, although no statutory obligation for BT to maintain kiosk, it is listed and as such they have a duty to maintain it to a reasonable standard. If the Parish Council adopted the kiosk it would be an ongoing cost to the parish.
South Staffordshire NHS Primary Care Trust AGM on September 30th – 6:00PM at Rugeley.
Email from Steve Shaw, National Co-ordinator of Local Works, regarding support for amendment to Sustainable Communities Act to give more powers to Parish and Town Councils – read out.
Email from Kings Bromley Parish Council regarding the future of the Lichfield Area SPCA Committee – meeting to take place on September 24th at Kings Bromley.


Balance at Bank £6,970.35 (Coventry BS £2,325.76)
The following payments were approved and it was proposed, seconded and agreed that they be paid:
Staffordshire Playing Fields Association sub. £15
B & N Garden Maintenance (July) £309
B & N Garden Maintenance (August) £249
B & N Garden Maintenance (September) £166
J C Dale – newsletter printing £15
Greenlands Garden Maintenance re posts in Churchside £292.85
E Tiso re CW Fasteners Ltd. (coach bolts) £5.18
E Tiso re gift for K. Johnson (auditor) £7

Urgent Business at the Chairman’s Discretion

Chairman had received a letter from a resident in Churchside who had concerns regarding the speed of traffic entering Churchside – danger to pedestrians and children in particular. Agreed that a letter be sent to residents asking them to take a note of car registration number of offenders.
Mowing of grass verge in vicinity of Haselour Lane to be put out to tender. Quote of £37 per cut received from B & N Garden Maintenance. Agreed that this area to be included in existing grass cutting maintenance programme and quotes to be obtained for next season. Grateful thanks were given to Mr Powell and others who had mowed this area.
Tarmac outside the village hall is disintegrating. This has been reported to SCC.
Public Transport meeting – Cllr Ellis confirmed that the Parish Councils would need to get together to work out a plan for local public transport and, when agreed, he would make funds available.
Flag donated to all parishes by Cllr Ellis.
Cllr Ellis spoke about the Saxon gold treasure find and plans for this to be kept in Staffordshire.
Request from resident for additional Open Forum time at end of meeting for comments from electors attending.

Next meeting of the Parish Council to be held in the Village Hall on Thursday November 19th 2009, following Open Forum at 7:30PM.
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:45PM.