Parish Council Minutes (14 January 2010)

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Present: Cllrs V E Tiso (Chairman) P Timmis (Vice-Chairman)  A Herring  
P Whitehouse   J Lamb  
In attendance: Ms C A Gilbert (Clerk)  14 members of the public
Apologies: Cllrs R Powell  Mrs V Turner  

The Chairman advised those present that the Open Forum would be held at the end of the Parish Council meeting to enable discussions with the public regarding the wind farm to be without time restrictions.

Declarations of Interest None.

Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th November 2009, previously circulated, were approved and, subject to the following amendments, it was proposed, seconded and agreed that the Minutes be signed:  Cllr J Lamb had abstained from the informal vote on the wind farm proposal;  reference to height of wind turbine relates to St Andrew’s Church, Clifton Campville, and not St Matthew’s Church, Harlaston.   .

Matters Arising
Railway fencing – still not completed.
Play area inspection – lateness of report from LDC – no response – Clerk to chase up.
BT obliged to maintain telephone box.  Request re-furbishment as it is in very bad state at present.

Best Kept Village competition.  Proposed by Cllr Herring, seconded by Cllr Whitehouse and agreed that village entry for 2010 be approved.

Emails received from C Cllr Matthew Ellis:
  re BT telephone kiosk – comments noted
  re ProWind proposals - public meeting arranged for 23rd January 2010 at Harlaston Village Hall – fact 
sheet/invitation sent to homes in Clifton Campville, Thorpe Constantine, Haunton and Harlaston.
Staffordshire Freight Strategy – questionnaire for completion
SPCA – December 2009 Newsletter
CCS – Village Diary of Events for completion passed to Chairman.
Balance at Bank £5,530.69 (Coventry BS £2,325.76)
The following payments were approved:
   Audit Fee for 2009 £161.00 (inc. VAT);  Royal British Legion re Poppy Wreath £11;
   N Blackman – 2 cuts October £166 and 1 cut November £83 = £249
Annual Return for 2008/09 certified by Audit Commission available for inspection – notice on noticeboard.

Plans received and previously circulated:
  09/01178/LBC (Listed Building Consent) – Mr R Taroni, Haselour Hall Chapel, Haselour  Lane, - 
replacement of glazing details in window of chapel (no comments - advised to LDC)
Certificate of Lawful Use or Development:
  09/01151/CLP – 10 Churchside, Harlaston – replacement of doors, windows, soffits and fascias
Listed Building Consent:
  09/01178/LBC – R Taroni, Haselour Hall Chapel, Haselour Lane, Harlaston – replacement of glazing 
detail in window of chapel
Tree Preservation Order no. 331 – 2009 – tree at 72 Main Road, Harlaston

Any Other Business
Following the recent snow and icy conditions, it was noted that there were no grit bins in the village.   Clerk to contact Highways with a request for provision of bins.
Flagpole – Chairman informed that he had details and costs of flagpole. As Cllr Powell had agreed to deal with this, it was agreed that he would be contacted before any purchase made.

Open Forum
Flagpole – resident asked if a site for the flagpole had been agreed and that certain issues needed to be considered first.  Chairman informed that the churchyard was the chosen site subject to PCC permission.
Scotland Lane –  boundary wall foundations are evident and concern that planning permission has not been given for this to be built.  Monitor situation.
Footpaths on Main Road – in very bad condition.  Parish Council to write to Highways regarding this.
Wind Turbines proposal:
Cllr Timmis opened the discussions by informing that:
the planning application for four 420ft wind turbines on land off Syerscote Lane near Haunton was expected in February and a public meeting to discuss the proposals had been arranged by County Cllr Matthew Ellis to be held in Harlaston Village Hall on Saturday 23rd January at 10am.  
leaflets had been produced for distribution to all homes in Harlaston and villages affected by the proposal.  
the purpose of that meeting was to ensure villagers were aware of the facts regarding the siting of the wind turbines.
the Parish Council would be unable to represent the villagers on the planning proposal unless the people’s views were made known. 
there is very little time left to ascertain the public’s views but these must be based on the relevant planning issues and not personal opinion.
under planning laws, the only valid objections were those based on the visual aspect and noise emanating from the turbines.
Other points put forward by members of the public were:
no precedence for industrial use in this area – Cllr Herring advised that this was not a valid objection as wind turbines are not classed as industrial.  
noted that County Cllr Ellis has done a tremendous amount of research on this matter and he has indicated that the only viable grounds for objection are visual and noise.
there is a need to work very closely with Clifton Campville.
representative from Clifton Campville read out the views submitted to LDC by that Parish Council following receipt of the planning application for the masts.
it was pointed out that very little information had been made available when the application for the masts was made.
once the formal planning application for the wind turbines is received, there will be only 14-21 days in which to submit comments and, therefore, villages need to get together to make sure it is done properly with a co-ordinated response to the proposal.
need to get the press involved - they will be present at the meeting on 23rd January - press coverage will make more of an impact once the application is received.
it will be necessary to make objections on grounds that hold water under planning law. 
imperative that everyone in the area affected by the proposal is made aware of the issues.
quite a lot of data has been gathered regarding harmful medical and health concerns surrounding low level noise emissions from wind turbines, but people tend to be more worried about issues in respect of telephone masts and electricity pylons
it is imperative that everyone who objects to the planning application when it is received should write in to the planning office.
Cllr Timmis then called for an informal vote on the wind turbine proposals: 1 for; 1 abstention; 17 against

Next Meeting - to be arranged.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.50pm.