Minutes of the Harlaston Parish Council Held 17 November 2011

posted 12 Dec 2011, 05:44 by Dawn Grove


Present:                       Cllrs P Timmis (Chairman)  V E Tiso (Vice-Chairman) 

P Whitehouse   Mrs V Turner   A Tingey   A Armstrong  C Morris


In attendance:              Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk)  District Cllr S Arnold   Three residents                                 

Apologies:                    None received



Minutes of the Meeting held on 15 September 2011, previously circulated, were approved subject to a minor amendment to the Correspondence section. This correction was actioned in the meeting. It was proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Mrs Turner and agreed that they be signed.


Matters Arising

Footbridge – the Chair gave a verbal update on the correspondence between the Clerk and Edingale Parish Council which Cllr Arnold and County Councillor Ellis had also been involved in. In short, the bridge was due to be repaired, but this was unlikely to be until 2012.

Bank Mandate – it was agreed that Cllr Mrs Turner would liaise with the Clerk. The Clerk would in turn liaise with Ms Gilbert, the previous Clerk, with regard to statements and information from the bank.

Dog Fouling – the Clerk updated the meeting on his discussions with Lichfield District Council regarding the cost of purchasing and servicing bins for dog mess. He confirmed that the DC would insist on a weekly service. After some discussion it was agreed – following a suggestion from Cllr Whitehouse – that the “Clean it up” notices be trialed to determine if these would suffice. The notices had been produced by Cllr Morris. The Chair thanked Cllr Morris for his efforts in this.



Information had been received regarding opportunities to mount a beacon in the village to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It was agreed to circulate this and discuss it at the next meeting.

Letter from County Councillor Ellis regarding gritting and opportunities for local residents to assist in this. Agreed that the Clerk would write to the Highways Department at the County Council to point out the hazards posed by Manor Lane and Churchside in extreme weather conditions.

A letter had been received from Staffordshire Police about the new non-emergency 101 number.

A letter had been received on the subject of smartwater protection for war memorials. Noted that there was a war memorial in the village, located inside St Matthew’s Church.



The Clerk reported that he had not received any statements from the bank and that he would be following this up as a matter of urgency. He would also speak to Ms Gilbert regarding communication with the bank.

The payment to B&N Garden Maintenance for October was agreed. The Clerk will ask that these invoices are sent direct to him in future and also seek a quote from B&N for 2012-13.

The Clerk circulated a statement of expenditure to date and a draft proposed budget for next year. He explained that this was based on limited information (given the situation with the bank), but that expenditure to date could be tracked through the records retained by the Clerk. He recommended a precept of £6000 for next year. This was accepted, subject to confirmation of the bank balance and to the Clerk speaking to Ms Gilbert for advice.



A number of plans had been received late and – though there were no objections to any of these – it was felt that the current system of circulating hardcopy planning applications for comment was somewhat dated. Cllr Arnold pointed out that she has electronic access to all planning applications in the Harlaston area and could forward these as necessary. Agreed that the Clerk would liaise with Cllr Arnold to devise an effective system for this to happen. It was noted that not all Parish Councillors have access to e-mail so some hardcopy provision would be necessary.

Cllr Arnold asked that “District Council Matters” become a standing item on the agenda and this was agreed with implementation from the next meeting.



Noted that a meeting with Clifton Campville Parish Council and Prowind was required urgently as this would help inform a public meeting (organized by Cllr Matthew Ellis) scheduled to take place in Harlaston Village Hall on 10 December at 10.00 am. The Clerk to liaise with Clifton and organize a meeting as soon as possible.



The Chair updated Councillors on the Smartwater meeting held in October. A large supply of Smartwater leaflets had been supplied which it was agreed the Parish Council would distribute. Diane Spalding, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, was in attendance. She pointed out that people could register for Smartwater on the OWL database.



It had been agreed to revive the newsletter and there was an expectation that Parish Councillors would take responsibility for certain aspects of it. It would include a précis of the minutes which the Clerk would send to Cllr Morris.


Village Plan

The Chair expressed concern at the poor attendance at the special meeting called to discuss the Village Plan. The notes of the meeting were circulated. Agreed to call a meeting to revisit this in 6-12 months time.


Play Area

The Clerk circulated the inspection report on the playground which he had obtained from Lichfield DC. Noted that – according to the report – there were some items of equipment and features of the playground that posed a low or medium risk, but no serious risks. Noted that any work to purchase new equipment would be expensive and there was a need to find out what residents actually wanted. Cllr Whitehouse to lead on a piece of work on this and report back to the next meeting.


Neighbourhood Highways Team

The team were scheduled to visit during the week commencing 28 November. Points to be drawn to their attention were:

·        Verges

·        Paths around Play Area

·        Paths around Village Hall

·        Overhanging branches in the Holloway

·        Other items already brought to the Clerk’s attention


Any Other Business

The roadbridge linking Harlaston and Edingale was damaged and some coping stones missing. Clerk to notify the County Council.

Clerk to order a Union Jack and a flag of St George for use on the village flag pole. Cllr Tiso had identified a supplier near Loughborough.

Clerk to invite Road Safety Officer to a future PC meeting.

Best Kept Village – discussions to be combined with meeting to discuss future of the Play Area and a report given at the next meeting.


Date of Next Meeting


Thursday 15 December 2011 at 7.30 in the Village Hall.