Minutes of Harlaston Parish Council Meeting Held 24 January 2013

posted 4 Apr 2013, 14:54 by Dawn Grove   [ updated 4 Apr 2013, 14:56 ]


Cllrs P Timmis (Chairman),
A  Armstrong,
A Tingey,
Mrs S Forest,
Mrs V Turner,
P Whitehouse,
In attendance:                Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk), 2 members of the public.  


Apologies:                        Cllr C Morris, District Councillor Mrs S Arnold, 1 member of the public



Minutes of the Meeting held on 29 November were approved. It was proposed that they be signed by Cllr Whitehouse seconded by Cllr Tingey.    


Declarations of Interest

There were none


Matters Arising

Parking and Speeding –As agreed, the Clerk had written, but received no response. There was therefore no further progress to report. It was agreed that the Chair would follow up and speak to the person concerned.  

Footpaths – in response to the reports made to the County Council, the Clerk had received confirmation of remedial work undertaken on Footpath 7a. The Clerk reported that he was in the process of finalizing the PSMA subscription. It was agreed that the Clerk would bring a map of the footpaths in the area to the next meeting.

Footbridge – Cllr Whitehouse was in the process of obtaining quotes for the work from local tradesmen.



The Chair had received a letter concerning St Giles’ Hospice. This was in the wake of the decision made at the November meeting, to discontinue the payment made to the Hospice by the Parish Council. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Mr Pearson setting out the Council’s reasons for this. It was further agreed that the rules on donations to charities by local councils should be investigated. The Clerk would look into this and Cllr Turner offered to also undertake some research.


Local Plan

The Chair reported that one informal meeting had taken place to discuss this. It was agreed that there was a need for a further meeting which the Chair and Cllr Turner would arrange. The Parish Council recognized the need for more information in compiling the plan and the need for involvement from local people. Cllr Turner reiterated the importance of the Local Plan for the village and the Parish Council was in agreement with this.



Details of the application for works at Coppins Hill Barn (Application No: 12/01360/FUL) were circulated. There were no comments from the Parish Council. It was agreed that future planning applications would be passed to the Chair and circulated in hardcopy. Notification had been received that the Fish Pits Farm application (Application No: 12/00044/FULM) had been approved.



The Clerk circulated forecast expenditure figures for the remainder of the financial year. It was reported that a refund of £108.86 had been received from HMRC for VAT. After some discussion the following actions were agreed for the Clerk:

·         Grass cutting – a number of quotes had been received, though one was still outstanding. It was agreed that the Clerk would chase this and circulate the resulting comparison to Councillors. It was noted that the invoices for the work undertaken during last year had still not been received. The Clerk would chase these up.

·         Church Clock - would make inquiries to determine whether any other contractors were available to service the clock and obtain the required number of quotes. The Clerk would also clarify what kind of mechanism was now used as this would have implications for the maintenance.

·         Contact Mr Brown regarding paying him for fuel money for the strimming work.

·         Check the car mileage rate currently claimed to ensure this was correct.

·         Send a cheque for £25 to Mr Gilmour for the Royal British Legion Poppy Wreath used in the Remembrance Day service.

·         Circulate a breakdown of forecast expenditure for 2013-14 before the next meeting.

·         Contact the Coventry Building Society to confirm the current balance.

·         Obtain up-to-date statements for the NatWest Business Reserve Account.

·         Clarify whether the Business Reserve Account was the account used to hold the money for the Village Green.

It was further agreed to pay cheques for the following:

·         £ be paid to Cllr Whitehouse for the replacement flags.

·         £70 to Harlaston Parochial Church Council for the church lights during 2012-13.

·         £150 to the Village Hall for the use of the Village Hall during the period January to December 2012.



The situation with the village playground was discussed. Two issues were identified: the apparatus in need of urgent repair and the longer term re-design and re-equipping of the area. It was agreed that the latter would require the Section 106 monies discussed with Cllr Sue Arnold at the previous meeting while the former could be funded through the Playground Account. It was noted that there was also money available through Cllr Matthew Ellis at Staffs County Council. This was for community initiatives and could be for up to £11,000. Staffs Playing Fields Association had also supplied details of alternative sources of potential funding. It was agreed that Cllr Tingey and Cllr Whitehouse would be delegated to source materials to address the short-term issues such as repainting, new shackles, new seats and chains with the aim of having these resolved by 31 March 2013. It was acknowledged that the longer term issues required wider public involvement and that a public meeting would be a way of securing this.


District Council Matters

Cllr Sue Arnold had sent her apologies so there was nothing to report.


Best Kept Village

A notification of the village’s intention to enter had to be submitted by 25 February; the actual entry submission had to be made by 28 March. The council were keen to enter the competition and it was agreed that the children should do the posters once again.

Cllr Forest asked if a litter bin could be position in the layby opposite her house as this was an area where rubbish sometimes accumulated. The Clerk would ask Lichfield District Council if this could be actioned on the proviso – if necessary – that the Parish Council would agree to empty it.


Register of Members’ Interests

Completed returns were passed to the Clerk. It was agreed that the Clerk would take advice from the Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association before proceeding.


Any Other Business

There were still problems with parked vehicles and traffic congestion on the Main Road. The Parish Council felt that Police involvement was required once more. The Clerk would contact Inspector Jared White and request that a Police Officer attend at the times when school started and finished to see how serious the situation had become.


Date of the next meeting

11 April 2013 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.