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Present:                       Cllrs V E Tiso (Chairman)  P Timmis  (Vice-Chairman)

J Lamb   A Herring   R Powell  


In attendance:              Ms C A Gilbert (Clerk)  District Cllr R P Bennion  Four residents


Apologies:                    Cllr P Whitehouse  Mrs V Turner  


Declarations of Interest  None.


Open Forum

·        Footpath adjacent to Oak Tree – block step is missing at the exit onto Main Road: will be looked into

·        Rubble on verge outside Oak Tree: will be looked into

·        No mention of Harlaston in Lichfield Mercury:  items sent in for Village Voice and WI sections of Tamworth Herald are not submitted by Parish Council but will check with correspondents

·        Footpath leading onto Manor Lane – garden encroaching onto path:  to be dealt with

·        Holloway looks unsightly on both side of the road – request that it be cleared up to enhance approach to village:  land does not belong to Parish Council and written permission to access land and clear it needs to be obtained before anything can be done – to be dealt with

·        Post box needs to be replaced/repaired:  to be dealt with

·        Play area – gate giving access to field has been locked again:  this should be left unlocked to allow children to retrieve balls – to be dealt with


Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and Ordinary Meeting held on 27th May 2010, previously circulated, were approved and it was proposed by Cllr Herring, seconded by Cllr Timmis and agreed that they be signed.


Matters Arising on the Minutes

Annual General Meeting:  None

Ordinary Meeting:

Village Hall gate – Cllr Timmis confirmed that this had been brought up at the Village Hall Committee

            meeting and the gate would be left open.

Flagpole – siting of flagpole in Church grounds: reply received from PCC confirms no objection and that

faculty papers have been sent for to obtain Doicesan permission.  Chair advised that these papers have now been received by the PCC.  Planning permission not needed to fly Union Jack or St George’s flag but permission to fly Staffordshire flag to be clarified.

Churchside posts – letter to be sent to residents of Churchside to learn their views on provision of posts.

SCC Neighbourhood Highways Team had done a good job with works carried out.

BT telephone booth – awaiting response from BT regarding refurbishment.


Agenda Items

Prowind application for wind farm:  

District Cllr Bennion informed that ‘Issues paper’ would be put before LDC planning committee

on Monday 2nd August – this would not be a decision making meeting but to discuss draft paper

of issues relating to the application put together by planning officers and District Councillors

would add any further issues.  As District Cllr Bennion has a declared interest in the application,

he would not be present at the meeting.  Clerk to contact District Cllr Ellen Perkins to find out

what issues she would be raising on behalf of Harlaston parish.


            Email confirmation from LDC that play area will be included in annual safety inspection for

            Lichfield District this autumn.  Apology received for the lateness of last year’s report being sent

            out to Parish Council.

            Vandalism to play area reported to police.  Councillors to visit play area to check damage and

            consider whether necessary to make an insurance claim – excess £250.




Email request from County Cllr Matthew Ellis for information on the flag donated by him – reply has

            been sent to him with update on siting in Church grounds

CCS:    Best Kept Village 2010 – announcement of results on Monday 2nd August 7.30pm at Rodbaston

Sustainable Communities – update

LDC:    Information re services available from the District Council’s implementation team for planned

            projects within the parish

Major Incident Management Guidance for Elected Members: information and use, if considered appropriate, for Parish Councils – to be kept on file

SPCA:  newsletter – copy to all Councillors

Footpath reports received from P & J Smith – Clerk to follow up concerns with letter to SCC

Local Council Day – event at County Showground, Stafford on 4th October 2010.  Member of public

            present expressed an interest in attending as a representative of the Parish Council – agreed.

Land Registry Form – keep on file.



Balance at Bank/BS - £10,792.83  (Playground Fund £2,352.76)

VAT refund of £444.76 received

Came and Company – 2010/11 insurance documents received

It was proposed, seconded and agreed that the following payments be approved:  

J C Dale re newsletter £15

            B & N Garden Maintenance - June x 2 cuts + playing field £210 and July x 2 cuts £166



Approval of Planning Permission:

   10/00337/FUL – Craig Morris, The Old Rectory, Churchside – single and two storey extensions and

            alterations to form orangery, kitchen, breakfast area, WC, boot room, utility and detached double


   10/00137/OUTM – F W Rowe & Sons, Fish Pits Farm, Manor Lane – proposed erection of agricultural

            grain store (outline)

   Tree Preservation Order no. 331 – 2009 – tree at 72 Main Road

            Order confirmed without modification

Plans received:

   10/00750/FULMEI - Prowind GmbH, Land at Hogs Hill, off Main Road and Syerscote Lane –

construction of four wind turbine generators with overall height to tip of 125m and associated

crane hard standing areas, access tracks, substation building, 80m meteorological mast, temporary

construction compound and associated electrical infrastructure

It was proposed by Cllr Timmis that the Parish Council object to this planning application and a

vote taken.

It was agreed by a majority vote that the proposal be accepted and a letter of objection be sent

to LDC

   10/00912/COU – Mark David Simcox, Coppinshill Barn, Haselour Lane – change of use of land to horse-

            grazing – no objections


Urgent Business at the Chairman’s Discretion

Dogs loose in the village – police involved in recent incident.  Clerk to inform dog warden of the problem and

            also request dog fouling notices.

Cllr Powell informed of meeting at The Dale on 4th August with Christopher Pincher MP and Robert Leedham.


Next Meeting to be held in the Village Hall on Thursday 16th September 2010 following the Open Forum  at 7.30pm.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.15pm.