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Present:                       Cllrs V E Tiso (Chairman)  P Timmis  (Vice-Chairman)

J Lamb   Mrs V Turner   A Herring   P Whitehouse 

In attendance:              Ms C A Gilbert (Clerk)  County Cllr M Ellis  PC Richard Allsopp

Apologies:                    Cllr R Powell  


Declarations of Interest  None.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st April 2010, previously circulated, were approved and it was proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Mrs Turner and agreed that the Minutes be signed.


Matters Arising

Cllr Timmis confirmed that the issue relating to the side gate at Village Hall not being opened in the

            evenings would be discussed at the next Village Hall Committee meeting.

Highway matters raised had been reported to CLARENCE

Flagpole - siting in Church grounds agreed subject to permission received.  Clerk to write to PCC.

Churchside – white posts are being broken as they are not sturdy enough, even when filled with concrete.

            Suggestions for replacement were discussed and further information to be sourced regarding

            concrete bollards - consult with Churchside residents before any such replacements are installed.


Village Maintenance

SCC Neighbourhood Highways Team has visited Harlaston this week and carried out work requested.



Letter received from Mr and Mrs McCabe in response to newsletter article on grass cutting in village and

            also regarding litter on football pitch by the river and BT telephone kiosk.

·        problem with organising volunteers to cut verges – leave for this year and assess when budgeting for next year’s precept.

·        letter previously sent to Edingale Parish Council regarding litter on football pitch – a further letter to be sent with copy to Cllr Bennion.

·        BT telephone kiosk refurbishment – Clerk to follow up.

SPCA:  Lichfield Area Committee support and information report – Cllr Lamb confirmed that he

            had attended meetings in the past but found them not relevant to small parishes.

            CPD course re common land and village greens at Nottingham on 28th June      

SCC – funding opportunity for ‘grassroots’ support for vulnerable people – Cllr Ellis promoted this

            community ‘well being’ fund which provides for amenities such as clubs, transport etc. in villages



Balances at NatWest Bank £9,840.67 and Coventry BS £2,329.29

LDC precept of £5,200 has been received.         

The following payments were agreed and approved for payment:

            Village hall hire for meetings year to May 2010 - £42

Chairman’s allowance - £100

Clerk’s salary and administration expenses for six months to May 2010 - £631.62

BKV vouchers - £30

V E Tiso re cost of materials for refurbishing play area - £18.50

B&N Garden Maintenance:

2 cuts in April + playing field and village hall - £219

            2 cuts in May + extra cut of playing field - £201

Newsletter printing for April - £15

Insurance renewal for 2010/11 - £564.78





Refusal of Planning permission:

10/00339/COU – Coppinshill Barn, Haselour Lane – change of use of land to horse grazing and erection

            of stable block comprising 5 stables, tack room and foaling box

Plans received:

10/00137/OUTM – F W Rowe & Sons, Fish Pits Farm, Manor Lane, Harlaston – proposed erection of

            agricultural grain store (outline) – no objection but alternative access preferred as concerns

            regarding heavy traffic in Manor Lane

10/00337/FUL – Craig Morris, The Old Rectory, Churchside – single and two storey extensions and

            alterations to form orangery, kitchen, breakfast area, WC, boot room, utility, 3 garages and two

bedrooms with ensuite – AMENDED – no comments


Urgent Business at Chairman’s Discretion

Playground maintenance course – Cllr Mrs Turner had expressed interest in going on this course but

            expenditure not agreed by all Councillors as play area would still need a formal safety inspection

and any issues would be dealt with appropriately on receipt of report.

Wall in Scotland Lane – intrusive but passed by planning office.

Pavements in poor state of repair – notify Highways

Parking on pavements causing obstruction for pedestrians - mail drop to all houses to request no parking

            on pavements in village. 


Next meeting of the Parish Council to be held in the Village Hall on Thursday 29th July 2010 following

            Open Forum at 7.30pm


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.55pm.