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Present:                       Cllrs V E Tiso (Chairman)  P Timmis  (Vice-Chairman) 

J Lamb   R Powell  P Whitehouse  Mrs V Turner  


In attendance:              Ms C A Gilbert (Clerk)  Three residents   PCSO Coscus

                                    County Cllr M Ellis (8.35pm)   


Apologies:                    Cllr A Herring  


Declarations of Interest  None.


Open Forum

·        Concerns raised regarding lorries cutting up grass verges on both sides of road outside Haunton Grove on the Haunton Road.  Request for reflectors or kerb stones to keep vehicles on the road.

·        PCSO Coscus introduced himself as support officer for the area working closely with PC Allsop.  Details provided in Parish News magazine.


Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of the Meeting held on 25th November 2010, previously circulated, were approved.   Proposed by

            Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Mrs Turner and agreed that they be signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising on the Minutes

Flagpole – being dealt with.

Churchside boundary posts – provision of 22 English oak posts 4ft high and 5 inches square confirmed.

            Cllr Whitehouse to negotiate costs for supply and installation to be advised to next meeting. Funding

            to be provided from Open Space monies.


Agenda Items

Churchside wedding – responses from residents were considered and, after discussion regarding the wider

            implications of allowing the event to take place, a vote was taken.  It was unanimously agreed that

the Parish Council would be unable to grant permission for a private event of any nature to take

place in this location, bearing in mind the impact on the residents of the surrounding properties and

the precedent that would be set for any such future requests.  Proposed by Cllr Timmis, seconded by

Cllr Whitehouse and

            IT WAS RESOLVED that the green at Churchside would not be used for private functions.

            Clerk to write and explain reason for refusal of permission for the wedding reception.

BT kiosk – response received from BT Customer Services advising that BT encourage the adoption

of kiosks to enable communities to undertake maintenance themselves. As the kiosk is underused,

it receives fewer visits from engineers but it will be included in the painting programme for 2011

if the Parish Council decide not to purchase it.  Clerk to forward emails to LDC for their attention.

SCC Neighbourhood Highways Team – due to visit area from 14th February.  List of jobs to be done in the

            parish to be advised to them include: verges, paint signs, trim trees from Church Farm to sewerage

pump station, clean gutters, remove fallen tree on Mill side of Haunton Road.

Wind Farm update – planning application hearing has been put back.  Posters displayed in the area have been

            supplied at no cost to the Parish Council and a letter of appreciation to be sent to the donor.

Fish Pits Farm development – two public consultations by the developers have been held in the village hall

            and the Parish Council await formal planning proposals in due course.

Speedwatch – it was agreed that the invitation to join Elford in purchasing equipment be declined.

BKV 2011 – after discussion, it was agreed not to enter the competition this year.  It was proposed by

Cllr Powell, seconded by Cllr Timmis and

            IT WAS RESOLVED that the Parish Council would not enter Harlaston in the Best Kept Village

            competition for 2011.



SCC:    Feedback from Local Councils’ Event at Stafford in October 2010

SPCA:  Newsletter

CCS:    Diary of Village Events – information to be submitted. 

RBL:    re ‘Great Poppy Party Weekend’ 10th – 12th June 2011 in celebration of RBL’s 90th birthday

DCMS re Queen’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee – information re celebrations 2nd – 5th June 2012

South Staffs Mental Health – request from Outreach worker to include items in newsletter.  Passed for

insertion in Parish News magazine.



Balance at Bank/BS - £8,475.01  (Playground Fund £2,352.76)



Approval of Planning Permission:

10/01167/FUL – Mr M D Simcox, Coppinshill Barn, Haselour Lane, Harlaston

Extension to existing stables comprising of 4 stables tack room and foaling box


Urgent Business at the Chairman’s Discretion 

Sewers outside house in Manor Lane causing problems – Severn Trent to be contacted.

Vehicles belonging to residents of Harlaston had been damaged by deliberate scratching of paintwork.

            PCSO Coscus assured Councillors that the matter was treated seriously and had been dealt with.

Election 2011 – details provided by LDC regarding nomination packs.  Information to be included in

            Newsletter and forwarded for insertion in Parish News magazine.

County Cllr Ellis confirmed that he would put Harlaston on the list for the provision of speed sensors

            at each end of the village.


Next Meeting in the Village Hall on Thursday 24th March 2011 following the Open Forum at 7.30pm.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.00pm.