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Present:                       Cllrs V E Tiso (Chairman)  R Powell  P Whitehouse 

Mrs V Turner   J Lamb   A Herring  


In attendance:              Ms C A Gilbert (Clerk)  Three residents 

Leader of Lichfield District Council, Cllr Michael J Wilcox (8.05pm)


Apologies:                    P Timmis  (Vice-Chairman) 


Declarations of Interest  None.


Open Forum

  • Resident asked what the Parish Council was doing with regard to the proposed wind turbines and whether any posters would be displayed objecting to the proposals.  Chairman confirmed that the Parish Council had sent objections to LDC and he then read out an email from County Cllr Matthew Ellis, sent also to those on his mailing list, giving an update on the situation.  C Cllr Ellis is spear-heading the campaign against the wind farm proposals and Cllr Powell advised that he is unable to publish the copies he has of MP Christopher Pincher’s correspondence with Prowind until given the go ahead by C Cllr Ellis.  Provision of posters to be discussed in Parish Council meeting.
  • Drainage problems in Main Road.  Chairman has spoken SCC Highways and a report of the work done will be requested.  Resident’s concerns regarding flooding onto his property to be looked into and Cllr Powell to speak with landowner.


Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th September 2010, previously circulated, were approved and it was

            proposed by Cllr Powell and agreed that they be signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising on the Minutes

Flagpole – permission has been received from the Diocese in respect of the erection of the flagpole in

            St Matthew’s Church grounds, subject to confirmation from the Parish Council that no claim will

            be made to the ground on which the flagpole is sited.  Confirmation to be sent to PCC and Diocese.

Proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Herring and agreed and

            IT WAS RESOLVED: That no claim to land would be made by the Parish Council with regard

                        to the erection of a flagpole on St Matthew’s Church ground.


Agenda Items

BKV – judges’ comments, previously distributed, were noted. 

In respect of the comments made regarding the telephone kiosk, remedial work had still not been

done despite LDC conservation officer having written to BT.  Agreed that Clerk contact LDC again

and also to check whether the kiosk can be painted by Parish Council.  Kiosk has a preservation

order and BT have a legal obligation to maintain it.


Annual inspection report received and comments noted.  Items highlighted for attention on the report were discussed and Councillors agreed to make a site inspection.

Churchside boundary posts:

            Two responses received to letter sent out to residents and these were read out.  It was proposed

            by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Powell and agreed that wooden posts be erected, the cost of

            which would be taken from Open Space monies. Costings to be made available at next meeting.

Churchside – use of open space:

            Request from a resident to erect a marquee on the village green for a wedding in July 2011 was

            discussed.  Concerns raised that this may set a precedent and more information to be obtained. 

            Agreed that Clerk would write to all Churchside residents for their views before a decision made.


Prowind application for wind farm:  

            Email received from County Cllr Matthew Ellis advising that this application is due to be heard in

            January 2011.  The provision of posters objecting to the proposal was discussed.  The Parish

            Council had previously formally agreed to object to this application and, therefore, it was proposed by

Cllr Powell, seconded by Cllr Whitehouse and agreed and

IT WAS RESOLVED: That the Parish Council would fund the provision of posters to value of £108



Fish Pits Farm development – public meeting arranged for Thursday 6th December in Village Hall for

            presentation by JVH Town Planning Consultants.  Notice posted.

Village Hall Committee re grass cutting at Village Hall.  Chairman to speak with contractor.

Elford Parish Council re Harlaston joining a Speedwatch scheme.  To be considered at a future meeting

            following discussion with area police sergeant.

Came & Company re Charity and Not-for-Profit Organisations Insurance – information passed on to

Village Hall representative

LDC:    Response regarding village nameplates stated that the signs in good condition.  Clerk to advise

            that these signs are pitted, peeling and need painting.  Cllr Powell to provide photographs to be

            forwarded in support of request.

SCC:    Grit bins request – area assessed does not meet criteria

Public Footpath nos. 6, 10 and 11 – request for information on ownership of land.  This information has already been advised to SCC by a resident.

Information: Community focus for ice busters / Customer Focus for Highways / Electoral review

SPCA:  Annual Report and Accounts 2009-10 / Newsletter September 2010 / Government’s spending review

Playground Supplies Ltd - Clerk to contact and request free quote for refurbishment of play area

Information: Volunteer Staffordshire Awards / Rural Villages workshop / Sustainable Communities Act



Balance at Bank/BS - £9,811.06  (Playground Fund £2,352.76)

Precept for 2011/12:

            Budget proposals for 2011/12, previously distributed to Councillors, were discussed at length and

            the following proposals were made with regard to the Precept for 2011/12:

1.      Proposed by Cllr Whitehouse that the Precept be set at £6,500 – no seconder

2.      Proposed by Cllr Herring that the Precept be set at £6,000 was seconded by Cllr Mrs Turner

and agreed - Cllr Whitehouse abstained.

            IT WAS RESOLVED:  That the Precept for 2011/12 be set at £6,000.

It was proposed by Cllr Herring, seconded by Cllr Lamb and agreed that the following payments be approved:                      Clerk’s salary and administration expenses - £674.75

St Giles’ Hospice donation - £300

St Matthew’s Church energy costs donation - £70

                        LDC re play area safety inspection - £42.30 (inc. VAT)

                        V E Tiso re poppy wreath - £20

                        B & N Garden Maintenance November - £249



Approval of Planning Permission:

10/00912/COU – Mr M D Simcox, Coppinshill Barn, Haselour Lane, Harlaston - Change of use of land

            to horse grazing


Urgent Business at the Chairman’s Discretion  None


Next Meeting in the Village Hall on Thursday 27th January 2011 following the Open Forum at 7.30pm.


The Chairman thanked Cllr Michael J Wilcox, Leader of Lichfield District Council, for his attendance at

            this meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.00pm.