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Present:                       Cllrs V E Tiso (Chairman)  P Timmis  (Vice-Chairman) 

J Lamb   R Powell  A Herring   Mrs V Turner  


In attendance:              Ms C A Gilbert (Clerk)  Three residents   District Cllr R P Bennion       


Apologies:                    Cllr P Whitehouse 


Declarations of Interest  None.


Open Forum

·        Request for update on wind farm proposals – on agenda

·        Query regarding Parish Council’s decision not to enter Best Kept Village competition in 2011 and request that funds be set aside to enter in 2012.  Council responded that very little funds were required for entry into competition and that the main reason for not entering was that those who had volunteered in previous years to litter pick and tidy up the village were not prepared to continue doing so this year.  It was acknowledged that most residents in the village kept their own frontages tidy and free of litter.

·        Footpath overgrown.


Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of the Meeting held on 27th January 2011, previously circulated, were approved.   Proposed by

            Cllr Mrs Turner, seconded by Cllr Timmis and agreed that they be signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising on the Minutes

Flagpole – has now been erected.  Discussion regarding flags to be flown in addition to the Staffordshire flag

donated by County Cllr Ellis.  Cllr Powell kindly offered to donate Union Jack and St George flags.

Churchside boundary posts – the quote of £13.50 per post, excluding fitting, was accepted and agreed that

            erection of posts would proceed as previously agreed.

Churchside wedding – letter sent to resident advising of Parish Council’s decision and this information also

sent to those Churchside residents who had sent in their views. No response received. 

BT kiosk – LDC conservation officer confirmed that she could do nothing further to assist in this matter.

SCC Neighbourhood Highways Team – following area visit in February, still work to be done and

this would be put on the list for their next visit.

Wind Farm update – current planning application withdrawn.

Speedwatch – training on use of speedgun discussed at a previous meeting was not undertaken due to lack of

            people willing to train.  County Councillor Ellis looking into speed sensor provision for village.


Agenda Items  

Play Area refurbishment quote – received from Playground Supplies Ltd in the sum of £1,895. 

Councillors Tiso and Timmis to review play area needs and report back to Council.

BKV 2011 – letter from Community Council of Staffordshire requesting reason for not entering the

            competition this year.  Confirm that volunteers who have done all the work litter picking and tidying up in the village previously were not prepared to do it this year.  Agreed that a plan of work would be

needed with a co-ordinator – to be put on the agenda for discussion at September meeting.

Public Sector Mapping Agreement – information noted.

Broadband speed in area - via the Harlaston Contact Us page on the website a communication from

            resident of Croxall regarding broadband speed. Served by Harlaston exchange and asks

            the Parish Council to look into the poor broadband speed in the area.  District Councillor

            Bennion to look into.



SPCA – Newsletter for March 2011

Other correspondence discussed under Agenda Items.


Balance at Bank/BS £8,310.21- (Playground Fund £2,532.76)

Proposed, seconded and agreed that the following cheques be approved for payment: 

SPCA annual subscription £145,  Newsletter printing £22.50;  Flagpole £122.94; 

cement for putting in flagpole £11.52; B&N Garden Maintenance – march x 2 £170

Notice of annual audit for the year ended 31st March 2011:

Completed Annual Return to be sent to external auditors by 16th May 2011.  Books and Accounts

to be completed and Annual Return for 2011 to be presented for approval at an Extra-ordinary

meeting of the Parish Council to be held on 14th April 2011 at the Church.

Notice of audit to be posted on noticeboard.  Cllr Tiso to contact internal auditor.

Notification received from HM Revenue & Customs that all Parish Councils must register as an employer

and operate PAYE on the income the Clerk earns.

Grass cutting tender received from B & N Garden Maintenance in the sum of £85 per cut.  Further tenders to

            be sourced and lowest to be accepted.

Parish Council elections on 5th May 2011.  Nominations to be sent direct to Lichfield District Council

            between 25th March and noon on 4th April 2011.



Approval of Planning Permission:

10/01470/FUL – Mr P Whitehouse, The Old School House, Main Road, Harlaston – installation of

            lantern roof light to flat roof over kitchen

Withdrawn Application:

10/00750/FULMEI – Land at Hogs Hill, off Main Road and Syerscote Lane, Haunton –

            construction of four wind turbine generators with overall height to tip of 125m and associated

crane hard standing areas, access tracks, substation building, 80m meteorological mast, temporary

            construction compound and associated electrical infrastructure

Planning Application received:

11/00206/FUL – Mr & Mrs Taroni, Haselour Hall, Haselour Lane, Harlaston – erection of a

            temporary 3 bedroom dwelling for a rural worker – no comments to be advised to LDC

J R Greaves of Curborough House Farm, Netherstowe re LDC Proposed Core Strategy


Urgent Business at the Chairman’s Discretion

Footpath obstructed by vegetation to be reported to SCC.


Next Meeting in the Village Hall will be the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 12th May 2011 following

            the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.00pm.