Minutes of a Meeting of Harlaston Parish Council held in the Village Hall on Thursday 15 September 2011 at 7.30pm

posted 9 Nov 2011, 13:36 by Dawn Grove

Present:                          Cllrs P. Timmis (Chair)   V E Tiso (Vice-Chair)

                                             P Whitehouse     Mrs V Turner   A Tingey   C Morris  

In attendance:         Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk)   District Cllr S Arnold  

Ms C A Gilbert (outgoing Clerk)   1 village resident

Apologies:                 None Received


Declarations of Interest



Open Forum

The Chair proposed that there would be no open forum given the absence (at that point in the meeting) of any members of public.


Minutes of the Meeting  held on 14 July 2011 previously circulated were approved. It was proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Morris and agreed that they be signed.


Matters Arising

Churchside posts and flagpole. It was confirmed that monies totally £358 had now been received for these from Staffordshire County Council.

Footbridge – Cllr Arnold updated the meeting on the latest situation. Staffs County Council had confirmed that work to repair the bridge would begin in April 2012. The meeting noted this. Cllr Mrs Turner reported concerns associated with the bridge, including issues around vandalism. The fact that residents of other villages – notably Edingale – were having to walk along the road to visit Harlaston Post Office was noted.

Highway Team Visits – it was reported that the Highways Team were due to visit Harlaston during the week commencing 28 November. The Clerk read out a list of tasks that the Team could be reasonably expected to undertake. It was agreed to circulate this list to the Parish Council and Parish Councillors respond to the Chair with their comments. The Chair or the Clerk would then communicate the Council’s comments to the relevant officer at Staffs County Council.



New Clerk’s Contract and Bank Mandate 

The Clerk reported that he would ensure his new contract was signed. He would liaise with Cllr Tingey regarding the PAYE arrangements.

Cllr Turner to amend the Bank Mandate which, it was confirmed, had to amended for all councillors.

It was reported that Staffordshire Parish Councils Association had written to the Clerk with details of training courses currently on offer. The Clerk to liaise with Clifton Campville Parish Council who – Cllr S Arnold advised – had made arrangements for a trainer from SPCA to visit Clifton.



The Chair reported that a letter had been received from Bromyard Living that action had now been taken to address the issue of the garden of 21 Churchside encroaching on the footpath. Thanks were extended to Cllr S Arnold for her assistance in progressing this. It was agreed that Cllr Arnold would follow up with Bromyard to determine if there were any further developments.



The following payments were agreed:

-        Retiring Clerk’s Salary and expenses totalling £206.97 plus £79.40 PAYE.

-        B&N Garden Maintenance (August invoice – 3 cuts) £255.

-        Staffordshire Playing Fields Association – renewal of subscription, amount to be confirmed.

Proposed by Cllr P Whitehouse and seconded by Cllr V E Tiso.



The agenda items were noted, but it was agreed that no discussion was necessary.


Haunton Wind Farm Proposal

The Chair reported that Prowind have appointed a consultant and that there was now a proposal to erect 3 smaller turbines, with the possibility of some electricity being fed back to the local community (though details of it were limited at this time). Though it was noted that no planning application had been made, the meeting agreed that it appeared that Prowind were determined to push ahead with this. All Parish Councillors expressed their concerns and their objections to the project. Noted that – given the revised nature of the proposal – a different strategy may now be required if it was to be stopped. It was agreed to acquiesce to a request from Clifton Campville for an informal combined parish council meeting and the Chair would await developments on this.


Play Area

It was confirmed that the Play Area had been inspected by Lichfield District Council, though the results were awaited. Agreed that the Clerk would follow up the inspection with the District Council and – once the results were obtained – identify sources of potential funding that could be used to address shortcomings and make improvements.



The Chair reported on the new Localism Bill and the intention to grant more power to local communities over development. It was agreed that Cllr S Arnold’s summary of the Localism Bill’s key principles would be circulated to Parish Councillors for information.



There was discussion about HS2 and the possibility of subsequent schemes HS3 and HS4 that could follow.


Village Plan

Cllr Mrs V Turner suggested an extraordinary meeting be called to discuss the new Village Plan. It was therefore agreed to hold such a meeting on 20 October.


Best Kept Village Competition

Noted that Harlaston had not entered this in 2011, breaking a tradition that went back many years. The Parish Council could pay the competition entry fee. It was agreed to seek expressions of interest and determine the level of enthusiasm for BKV  in the village. In order to assist this process the Clerk would find out more about the competition, specifically the judging criteria and report back to the next meeting.


Dog Fouling

Cllr Morris reported that he had produced some “No Fouling” signs. It was agreed that these would be displayed. The Chair reported that a quote from the District Council stated that the bins would cost £295+ VAT to purchase and install with a £2.20 + VAT charge for weekly emptying. The Clerk to contract the District to find out if they would empty bins produced locally.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 17 November 2011

Extraordinary meeting on 20 October  to discuss the Village Plan