Minutes of a Meeting of Harlaston Parish Council 22 March 2012

posted 14 Apr 2012, 00:03 by Dawn Grove



Present:                   Cllrs P Timmis (Chairman), P Whitehouse, A Tingey, A Armstrong,

Mrs V Turner, District Councillor Mrs S Arnold


In attendance:        Mr I Van Arkadie (Clerk), Members of the public.   


Apologies:               Parish Councillors V E Tiso (Vice Chairman), C Morris



Minutes of the Meeting held on 19 January 2012, previously circulated, were approved. It was proposed by Cllr Tingey and seconded by Cllr Whitehouse that they be signed.


Matters Arising

Neighbourhood Highways Team visit – the Clerk confirmed that details of the Council’s requirements for the visit of the NHT in June had been forwarded to the relevant officer at the County Council and that further suggestions were being forwarded as they were received. Concern was raised about the amount of litter and debris in the ditches and the verge adjacent to the football pitch next to the road between Edingale and Harlaston. Although this was outside the Harlaston Parish boundary, it was felt that it was unacceptable particularly as the Best Kept Village Competition was due to start within a few months. It was agreed that the Clerk would add the clearing of this area to the list for the NHT and also write to the Chair of Edingale Parish Council to see what could be done.

The damage to the road bridge on the road to Edingale was discussed. It was noted that this posed a hazard to motorists and pedestrians. The Clerk had already reported it, but agreed to follow it up with Staffordshire County Council to stress the urgency of the situation.

Grass cutting – the Chair presented the results of the tender exercise. After a brief discussion it was agreed to award the business to B&N Garden Maintenance, whose prices were the most competitive. It was noted that B&N would mulch the grass cuttings. Cllr Whitehouse proposed and Cllr Turner seconded.

Streetlight – Cllr Armstrong reported a problem with a faulty streetlights. The Clerk would raise this with the County Coundil.

Flags – the flags had arrived. Cllr Whitehouse to deliver to Cllr Tiso.

Correspondence – no correspondence had been received.

Finance – there was brief discussion regarding the bank account. Cllr Turner confirmed the procedure to follow with the completed documentation. It was agreed that all Councillors and the Clerk would be signatories on the account.  



The Chair reported on two meetings that had taken place involving representatives from Harlaston, Edingale and Clifton Campville to discuss the issue. These had concluded that the three Parish Councils should engage a planning consultant to help fight the proposal as and when the new plans were submitted. The costs of this would be shared across the three councils who could each seek to raise funds locally (through public donations etc) to meet the bill. It was noted that the consultant would only be used if necessary. The firm RSK had been suggested and it was known that they had experience in this area. Cllrs Whitehouse and Armstrong proposed and seconded that the Parish Council should engage RSK and proceed as described. It was further noted that councillors were encouraged to log comments about the proposal on the Lichfield District Council website. It was also agreed that a letter on behalf of the Parish Council be sent to LDC outlining the objections to the project.  Everyone agreed that this was a serious issue that had to be addressed. Cllr Arnold pointed out that the topography made the Mease Valley particularly attractive to those wishing to develop wind turbines – though Fradley Aerodrome was believed to be the most suitable.


Diamond Jubilee

It was agreed that Cllrs Armstrong, Whitehouse and Timmis would represent the Parish Council at a meeting to discuss events for the Diamond Jubilee in Harlaston. The Clerk reported that the original medals discussed at the meeting in November had proved difficult to track down. He had, however, identified a Commemorative Medal produced by the Royal Mint and he circulated an illustration of this. After some discussion it was agreed to purchase these to present to village children. The Clerk to order 70 before 21 May in order to qualify for an early bird discount.


Play Area

Cllr Whitehouse reported on the work to date to examine options for the Play Area. He described a comprehensive proposal from Sutcliffes which would modernize the area, but which would cost around £27,000. In the discussion that followed, the point was made that Section 106 funding was shortly to be abolished and replaced with a Community Infrastructure Fund. It was agreed that Councillor Whitehouse and others would investigate measures to raise interest in the Play Area and obtain opinions of villagers on the kind of facility they wanted.



It was agreed that the Clerk would contact Tony Herring to discuss the possibility of a community speed initiative in the village. The Clerk would also contact PC Allsopp to report dangerous and obstructive parking around Two Hoots and Rectory Gate.



The Clerk reported that two invoices had been received. The first was from Lichfield District Council for just over £79 and was for election costs. The second was for a membership renewal for the Staffordshire Parish Councils Association and totaled £145. It was agreed that both should be paid, proposed by Cllr Whitehouse and seconded by Cllr Tingey. The Clerk expressed concern that bank statements were still not being received. Cllr Turner agreed to look into this.



Three applications were discussed:

Fish Pits Farm – it was noted that Harlaston Parochial Church Council had raised objections to this because of concerns over the sewerage capacity. This issue was however addressed specifically in the application and appeared to have been resolved. On first reading, the PC were likely to agree in principle. It was agreed to get comments to the Clerk within a week.

Burial Ground – no comments had been received.

Chicken Coops – noted that this was not to be confused with a much larger proposed development in Clifton. The Clerk had spoken to the LDC Case Officer who had confirmed that Environmental Health had not raised any concerns over this development.



There was no discussion in the absence of Cllr Morris.


Best Kept Village

Cllr Tingey reported that an application had been submitted. He asked that a map outlining the area covered in the competition be supplied. The Clerk and Cllr Arnold agreed to look for one.


District Council Business

Cllr Arnold commended the PC for its use of subgroups to address various issues.


Any Other Business

There was some discussion as to whether a new parish noticeboard was required. The Chair to check and report back to the next meeting.


Date of the Next Meeting

Thursday 26th April.