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Present:                       Cllrs P Timmis (Chairman)  V E Tiso (Vice-Chairman) 

P Whitehouse   Mrs V Turner   A Tingey   A Armstrong  C Morris


In attendance:              Ms C A Gilbert (Clerk)  District Cllr S Arnold   Three residents                         

Apologies:                    County Cllr M Ellis 


Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms signed by Co-opted Cllrs A Armstrong and C Morris prior to the meeting had been forwarded to Lichfield District Council.


Declarations of Interest

Cllr Morris declared an interest in planning application no. 11/00591/FUL


Open Forum

·        Chairman proposed that the Open Forum would take place for ten minutes prior to the Council meeting and again for ten minutes following the meeting.  All in agreement.

·        Resident reported on further mains water leakage problems that had been causing flooding on the highway which had been reported to Severn Trent.

·        Suggestion received that Council meeting Agenda be posted on the website and also website address noted on the Newsletter.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd June 2010, previously circulated, were approved.  It was proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Mrs Turner and agreed that they be signed.


Matters Arising

Churchside posts – more posts were needed than had been ordered and an amended invoice of £825 had

            been received.  It was agreed that this would be paid.  LMIS funding applied for towards this

            project had been successful and a grant of £250 awarded. Thanks given to County Cllr Ellis for this


Flagpole – funding applied for but not yet received.  Clerk to contact County Cllr Ellis regarding

clarification of this funding.


Clerk Vacancy Update

One candidate had been interviewed and had been offered the post by email but, due to personal

            circumstances, he had requested time to think about accepting.  After a week, no response had been

            received and, therefore, the post was re-advertised and an application received.  First candidate then

            contacted the Council with his acceptance of the post.  It was proposed that the second applicant be

            interviewed before appointment of Clerk made.  Councillors voted and the proposal was carried

4 – 2.  Interview date for second candidate provisionally arranged for Tuesday 19th July.



Letter from resident of Churchside regarding speed of traffic, specifically in Churchside.              Need to negotiate

            with police and SCC Highways and ascertain criteria and options available to enable traffic calming

            measure to be implemented.

Letter from 10 year old child resident in the village concerning the poor state of the play area. Reply to be

            sent commending her for writing to Council.  Improvements to the play area to be looked into. 

Email request from County Cllr Ellis concerning the HS2 proposals.  District Cllr Arnold informed the

meeting that these proposals would affect the whole of the area and not just those living immediately along the route it was very important for the Parish Council to register opinion by completing the online consultation. It was proposed and agreed that the Parish Council would oppose the HS2 proposals and this would be recorded in the online consultation.


Footbridge – email received from Clerk at Edingale regarding the footbridge, which is dangerous

            and officially closed to the public.  Waiting for surveyor to assess whether it is repairable

Neighbourhood Highway Team in village during first week of August.  Advise that drain between

            Hedgebank and Black and White Cottage is set back in the verge which needs to be cleared

to enable surface water to flow into drain.  Request list of jobs that NHT do for future reference.

Lichfield District Strategic Planning – funding opportunity

SPCA – newsletter



Balance at Banks £11,863.15 (includes Playground Fund - £2,356.29)

The following payments were approved and it was proposed by Cllr Whitehouse, seconded by Cllr Mrs

            Turner and agreed that they be paid:

                        Newsletter printing £15; B&N Garden Maintenance for June £170;  A Taft £825;

                        Clerk’s salary for June £59.81 and PAYE for April, May, June £39.60

Annual Return for the year to 31st March 2011 has been approved and signed by the External Auditor.

Notice of Completion of Audit to be posted on noticeboard.



Hedgerow removal notice – request for information provided.


   11/00365/REMM – Fish Pits Farm – erection of agricultural grain store

Planning applications received:

   11/00591/FUL – Mr C Morris, The Old Rectory, Churchside – proposed entrance gates with retaining

            wall and hedgerow and retention of oil tank – no comments

   11/00692/ABN – Mr F Jones, Haselour Grange, Haselour Lane – excavation of 3.3m deep topsoil to form

            a slurry pit – no comments

   11/00743/FUL – Mr & Mrs K Ridgeway, Thistley Barn, Haselour Lane – erection of garden room

            extension – no comments


Urgent Matters at Chairman’s Discretion

Play area – urgent repairs needed and consideration to be given to repair or replacement of equipment.

Grants and fundraising options to be sourced.  Members of the Council to attend the annual safety

inspection when date of visit known.  Consultation to be undertaken with users of play area and

developers to be approached with a outline plan of proposed improvements.

Parish Plan – copy to be sent to Cllr Mrs Turner.

Footpath from Manor Lane to Church Farm – garden of property encroaches onto the verge. Contact

            Bromford Housing regarding this matter.

Dog fouling and dog bins – request to Lichfield District Council for ‘No dog-fouling’ notices to be put up in

            village and also information regarding the provision and maintenance of dog bins.

District Cllr Arnold informed the meeting of SmartWater an anti-theft initiative.  Items are marked with a

            unique reference number at a cost of £15 to individual households with no minimum requirement

            for take up.  Parish Council agreed this initiative would be good for the village and District Cllr

            Arnold to pursue this on Harlaston’s behalf.

Chris Pincher MP at Village Hall to meet residents on Thursday 30th July 2011 from 11am to 1pm


Next Meeting to be held at the Village Hall on Thursday 15th September 2011 following Open Forum

at 7.30pm.