HARLASTON PARISH COUNCIL Chairman’s Report – 2010/11

posted 7 Jun 2011, 06:33 by Dawn Grove


·       Precept for the year 2011/12 set at £6,000

·       Play area – ongoing maintenance taking place as previously but Parish Council has also agreed to set aside funds each year to cover any future equipment replacement costs

·       BKV competition not entered this year as volunteers who have done all the work litter picking and tidying up in the village previously were not prepared to do it this year.  Parish Council agreed that a plan of work would be needed with a co-ordinator to oversee and this would be discussed at a Parish Council meeting in the autumn in preparation for next year.

·       Neighbourhood Highway Team set up by Staffordshire County Council – continuing to do jobs in the parishes – scheme working well

·       Posts in Churchside – oak posts to be installed to replace white posts

·       Fish Pits Farm development – two public consultations by the developers have been held in the Village Hall and the Parish Council awaits formal planning proposals in due course

·       St Giles Hospice – Parish Council continues to make a donation towards improvements

·       BT – Parish Council has been in correspondence with BT regarding the refurbishment of the kiosk and has been assured that work will be carried out during 2011

·       Wind Farm proposal by ProWind – current application has been withdrawn

·       Flagpole has been erected at St Matthew’s Church

·       Newsletters continue to be sent out to residents giving a summary of the Parish Council meetings

·       Approved minutes continue to be published in a link on the Harlaston website which is being very successfully managed by the ‘Grove family’.  Many thanks given for this service.

Finally, I would like to thank Councillors who are present and also to Messrs Lamb, Herring and Powell, who did not stand for election this time, together with the Clerk for their help and support in carrying out the general and ongoing work of the Parish Council during the past year and also to Keith Johnson for undertaking the internal audit of the Parish Council.

Councillor V E Tiso – 12th May 2011